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Weekend Connections: Week Of February 8th

Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes...

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Connections: The Future Of Audio Engineering

We gear up for Monday's Grammy Awards with a conversation about the future of audio recording. We explore how audio engineering is an art, a science,...

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Connections: The RPO's Ward Stare And The 2016 Season

From Yo-Yo Ma to Shostakovich, Beethoven to Mozart to Indiana Jones, the RPO has unveiled plans for the new music season. The RPO's music director, Ward...

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WATCH: Women In Tech: Working to Boost The 22%

More women are adding terms like "coder" and "game developer" to their résumés, but the industry still has a long way to go to reach gender parity. Last...

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Counties Squeezed by Lower Gas Prices, Taxes

Cheap gas prices are making consumers happy at the pump, but not everyone is benefitting from the lower prices. New York's counties, who impose a sales...

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Connections: Sojourner House And Wilson Commencement Park Form New Partnership

How can we help local women and children in crisis find stability in their lives? It's a vital but often difficult step, and a new partnership is aiming...

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Connections: Flint, Rochester, And The Lead Problem

In light of the Flint lead crisis, many communities are examining their own lead problems. Rochester has been dealing with lead for decades. What progre...

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Cuomo Says He'll Fight Bank Merger

Governor Cuomo says he's fighting a proposed merger of Key Bank with first Niagara Bank, saying it would limit choice for New York consumers and could ...

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Connections: The Debate Over Uber And Lyft

We examine the debate over Uber and Lyft, and whether it's time for the state to allow them to operate across New York. For now, these transportation...

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Connections: What's Next For The GOP?

Donald Trump has won a state. Will he win New York in April? Will he march to the nomination? Were the naysayers wrong? Our panel looks at where the GOP...

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