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Do The Roots Of Mental Health Issues Lie In Early Childhood?

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that many chronic mental and physical health problems have their roots in early childhood, when kids' brains are just developing. But what should parents, teachers, doctors look out for?

With 230,000 Flags, Arlington's Old Guard Honors The Military's Fallen

There's a flag at every headstone this weekend in Arlington National Cemetery. Placing them is one of the ceremonial traditions of the oldest active infantry regiment in the Army.

Metro's After-Midnight Rides Will Go On Hiatus After This Weekend

If you're a regular on Metro after midnight, it's time to scope out alternatives.

For Families Touched By Teen Suicide, Regrets And Calls For Greater Outreach

Every day thousands of adolescents try to commit suicide. For families that lose their children, the regrets and second-guessing never cease, but they say greater awareness and outreach in schools might save some lives.

D.C., Maryland, Virginia Take Serious Step Toward Creating Metro Safety Panel

Leaders in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have agreed on a proposal to create a Metro Safety Commission that is supposed to supplant the Federal Transit Administration's temporary oversight role. It's a key step in a process that will rely on action in all three jurisdictions' legislatures.

Auction Of Artifacts In Paris Stirs Protest At American Indian Museum In D.C.

"It's almost like seeing one of our own tribal members being auctioned off," says a member of California's Hoopa tribe who denounced the auction during an event at the National Museum of the American Indian.

How Specialized Programs Can Get Kids With Anxiety Back In The Classroom

Psychologists say students with crippling anxiety feel as stressed going to school as they would being chased by a lion, but rather than giving up on them, specialized programs can gently get them back in the classroom.

Is Legal Status Requirement By A Landlord Discrimination? Fairfax Families File Suit

Four immigrant families in a Fairfax County mobile home park are taking their landlord to court over a requirement that they provide proof of legal status or face a big increase in rent.

Questions Of Mental Health Often Fall To School Nurses — If There Is One

Increasingly, school nurses are on the front lines of identifying students with potential mental health problems, and the problem only gets the attention it needs when something horrible happens.

Feeling 'Invisible' — How Mental Illness Often Goes Unnoticed In The Classroom

At least one in five young people in the U.S. exhibit signs or symptoms of mental illness. For students who suffer through it, it often feels like nobody at school is willing or able to understand.

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