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"Washed Up"

Mon. 7/10 7p: On Sian Ka´an, a glorious beach on the Yucatan peninsula (Mexico) close to the tourist destinations of Cancún, and Tulum, you can see the gorgeous tropical forest, mangroves and marshes. Its shores home to precious sea life, and over 300 species of birds fly in its sky. In the Mayan language, SIAN KA´AN means ´Origins of the sky´. In this place, you can expect the mesmerizing sea and landscape but, also piles of garbage originating from all over the world. An artist turns this garbage into a precious material for ephemeral installations to raise awareness about the harmful impact of consumerism on nature. Alejandro Durán, multiple award winning multimedia artist, explains his ongoing art work, "WASHED UP" based in Sian Ka´an, México and how art can be an awakening call to protect our environments and for tourists to be aware of their devasting effects on nature. _____________________________________ Lunes, 11 de julio, 7pm: En Sian Ka´an, una paradisíaca playa en la

Latinas In The 100,000 Strong In The Americas Program

Mon. 7/4, 7p: Listen to uplifting stories of Latinas who participated in the Innovation Academy for Women of the Americas launched at the University of New Mexico, hosted by Cristina Baccin. Funded through a grant from President Obama's signature education initiative 100,000 Strong in the Americas, the Academy brings together undergraduate women from New Mexico and Mexico who are studying Science, Technology, Engineering & Math and Architecture (STEM+A), with a special focus on Indigenous women. We´ll listen to the stories of Lizeth Cueto, Maribel Jáuregui, Fernanda Salazar, Laura Melisa Sánchez Salas, Emilia Gonzáles Avila along with program coordinator Danielle L. Gilliam (UNM, Global Education Office) Check out ‪#‎Academy4Women‬

UNM Latino Graduates Strive, Grow And Thrive

Mon. 5/30, 7p: We celebrate achievements of Latino Graduates who participated in the 24th Annual Raza Graduation Ceremony. Claudia Avila-Mitchell (an Army Veteran) and Gema González share their personal stories, struggles and passion along with what it is like to be a Latino student at the University of New Mexico. Rosa Isela Cervantes, Director of El Centro de La Raza explains the role of El Centro as a key place for Latino students to find refuge from the academic jungle. Learn how our future leaders grow and develop through educational experiences.

New Mexico: Children At High Risk

Mon. 4/4, 7p: This month we celebrate Children´s Day in several countries, so host Cristina Baccin converses with our guests, Dr. Verónica García, Executive Director of New Mexico Voices for Children and Ms. Amber Wallin, Director of Kids Count about childhood in New Mexico. More information: Listen here:

"El asesinato de Elena Garro" / The Assassination Of Elena Garro

Mon. 3/7, 7p: We celebrate International Women´s Day and the strengthen of Latina writers in an interview hosted by Cristina Baccin with UNM Faculty (Chicana and Chicano Studies Department), Dra. Patricia Rosas Lopátegui about one of the most important Mexican literature figures: Elena Garro and her political assassination.

Interview With First Latino Poet Laureate Of The US, Juan Felipe Herrera

Last week, US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera visited New Mexico to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Somos Un Pueblo Unidos and participate in activities organized by the UNM Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. Espejos de Aztlán was founded by another Latino poet, Cecilio García Camarillo (1943-2002), so we couldn´t miss the opportunity to interview Mr. Herrera. This year, he was honored with the nation's highest award in poetry; he was named Poet Laureate of the United States, the first Latino awarded this honor. Mr. Juan Felipe Herrera speaks with us about how he met Espejos de Aztlán´s founder, the poet Cecilio García Camarillo, what it means to be "Half-Mexican", the importance of both Spanish and English mastery for our Latino community, and... the "words" he treasures from his childhood. The Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (commonly known as "Poet Laureate") serves as the national poet. This award aims to raise awareness about writing and poetry

Interview With First Latino Poet Laureate Of The US, Juan Felipe Herrera

Mexican Chocolate For Holidays

Mon. 12/7, 7p: We´ll be in the kitchen of the architectural historic local treasure, Los Poblanos and La Quinta, with a New Mexican culinary treasure: Chef Jonathan Perno. He cooks for us a MEXICAN CHOCOLATE pie to share in our holidays. It´s easy to prepare in your own kitchen with your children around: enjoy this ¡Espejos de ... chocolate! Be ready to smell it... A native of New Mexico, Mr. Perno was trained at the California Culinary Academy followed by a national and international culinary work experience from San Francisco to London. In this conversation, he also shares his thoughts about how to embrace and enjoy the experience of cooking.

"Making A Difference, One Child At A Time"

Our guests are bikers dedicated to protecting the victims of child abuse. They are GUARDIANS OF THE CHILDREN, a humanitarian service that provides protection and works with prevention following the motto:"Don't Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries". Physical, emotional and sexual child abuse is a crime that usually remains silent. In New Mexico, 9,412 children are victims of abuse, based on substantiated investigations, according to "360 Report. Children, Youth and Families Department Protective Services. State Fiscal Year 2014". Protection of abused children is a gigantic task that bikers of the Rio Grande Chapter are taking in their hands. Guardians Of The Children, a non profit organization founded in 2006 in San Antonio TX, is spreading this community service throughout the country (involving 36 states) and Canada. Listen here what guides their hearts:

Somos Un Pueblo Unido: ¡20 años!

Mon. 11/2, 7p: We celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the valuable organization Somos Un Pueblo Unido for its advocacy for workers and civil rights in New Mexico: our guests, Marcela Díaz –Executive Director- and writer Dr. Lois Palken Rudnick. We´ll talk about the milestones of their organization, and the "American Dreams/Border Realities" Film Series that will be hosted in Center for Contemporary Arts Cinematèque to honor Somos Un Pueblo Unido . "American Dreams/Border Realities" Film Series will be screened Saturday, November 7, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Center for Contemporary Arts (1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505). More information: (505) 982-1338 or visit

CIMARRÓN: Wild Music From The Colombian Plains

Mon. 10/5, 7p: The Colombian and Venezuelan plains region is home to one of most engaging musical traditions, the joropo, a musical genre created by ranching people of the Orinoco River plains to accompany their tasks with the cattle. In this interview with harpist Carlos Rojas, founder and leader of CIMARRÓN, a joropo musical group from Colombia, we´ll explore their experiences that go beyond participating and winning awards in the most important international music festivals: it´s a learning community experience that attracts and educates young people about their rich cultural heritage. Read more about CIMARRÓN here:"Cimarrón: Wild music from the Colombian Plains" by Cristina Baccin

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