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MPBN News & Public Affairs Director Keith Shortall along with producer Jonathan Smith are producing a new series of interactive interview programs that air occasionally on weekdays from 12:15 pm until 1:00 pm on MPBN Radio.More from Maine Calling »

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National Political Update

The Trump administration turns one month old on February 20 th . We'll hear from The Wall Street Journal 's political editor, and from a former White House insider, on how the Trump administration transition is going, and the reaction from Capitol Hill to the new President. Guests: Jeanne Cummings , National Political Editor for The Wall Street Journal Gordon Adams , Professor Emeritus at the School of International Service, American University, and a Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center. He was actively involved in politics and policy-making in the capital, was the senior White House budget official for national security budgets from 1993-97, and on the OMB transition team for incoming President Barak Obama. Ron Schmidt , Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of History and Political Science. Professor Schmidt received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined the University of Southern Maine in 1999.

Foreign Diplomacy

The proposed "wall" on the Mexican border, the Trump administration's recent reversal on the "one China" policy and the President's tense conversation with Australia's prime minister over refugee policy all illustrate the complicated changing dynamics in U.S. foreign policy. Our guests discuss the challenges and opportunities of conducting foreign diplomacy under the new Administration. Guests: Barbara Elias Klenner , Assistant Professor of Government, Bowdoin College; she teaches U.S. foreign policy and national security. Larry Pop e, former Ambassador to Chad, Political Advisor to General Anthony Zinni in Central Command, and Charge d'Affaires in Tripoli, Libya in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack. He retired from the U.S. Foreign Service on 2000 after 31 years of service.

Senator Angus King

Maine's junior senator joins us from Washington, DC. Likely topics of discussion include: King's votes on President Trump's cabinet nominees, his view of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, King's efforts to boost broadband access in rural Maine, and the Senate intelligence committee's probe of Russian intel activities (King serves on this committee.) Guest: Angus King is in his first term as U.S. Senator.

Mental Health Issues

Two leading psychiatrists address the current research and treatment for a range of psychiatric issues, from anxiety to seasonal disorders to dealing with grief--and they answer your mental health questions. How much anxiety is normal during stressful societal times? What is narcissism, and how does it affects someone's relationships and behavior? Does the winter bring on seasonal affective disorder and sleep disorders? And we answer listener's questions about psychiatric issues. Guests: Dr. Charles Reynolds , Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, now based here in Maine Dr. Robyn Ostrander , Medical Director, Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center; Chair, Glickman Family Center for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Spring Harbor Hospital

Performing Arts in Maine

On this Valentine's Day, we get expert advice on the performances in the weeks and months ahead that you won't want to miss. Guests: Robin Rilette joins us to share information about upcoming performing arts events you'll want to add to your 2017 calendar. Emily Isaacson , Ph.D., Artistic Director of the Oratorio Chorale and Maine Chamber Ensemble. She is Associate Artistic Director of the Portland Bach Festival and the Director of Choral Activities at Clark University.


Cybersecurity has become a major concern, internationally and here in Maine. How can we protect our nation, our systems and our own personal information from the constant threats of hacking? The good news is: Concerted efforts are being put in place to increase cybersecurity measures, here and abroad. Guests: Sari Greene , founder of Sage Data Security; leader and author in the field of information security Edward Sihler , Technical Director, Maine Cyber Security Cluster at University of Maine Frank Appunn , Professor of Information Technology Management at Thomas College; he heads up the new Thomas Security Center

Food for Thought

Renowned Maine culinary experts (including two James Beard award winners) join us to talk about food and cooking, including—what to make for Valentine's Day, food trends and cold-weather comfort foods. And: Why ot's time to make orange marmalade! Guests: Nancy Harmon Jenkins, cookbook author and food writer Peggy Grodinsky, food editor at Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram Sam Hayward, chef and co-owner of Fore Street and Scales restaurants in Portland

Contacting Your Legislator

Maine's U.S. Senators and Representatives are receiving thousands of phone calls, emails and letters from people seeking to influence their votes on the President's nominees for his cabinet and for the Supreme Court. Our panel will share the secrets of how to best get through to your Senator or U.S. Representative. Plus, activism strategy - how one person can make a difference. Guests: Willy Ritch , longtime Press Secretary to Chellie Pingree; currently campaign manager for Food Policy Action Cheryl Leeman , past regional representative to former Senator Olympia Snowe and former Portland City Councilor and mayor

State of the State Analysis

Our panel offers their perspective and analysis of Governor Paul LePage's State of the State address and budget priorities. Guests: Michael Cianchette , former counsel to Gov. Paul LePage from 2012-2013 and deputy counsel from 2011-2012. He holds a BA in economics and political science from Boston College along with a JD and an MBA from Suffolk University. He works as in-house counsel and financial manager for a number of affiliated companies in southern Maine. Cynthia Dill , civil rights lawyer and former State Senator. Dick Woodbury , a Yarmouth independent, served as a State Representative from 2002 to 2008 and as a State Senator from 2010 to 2014

Health Effects of Marijuana

What does using marijuana do and not do to your body—especially your brain? What are the physiological and cognitive effects of the drug on young people versus adults? We'll hear about the status of medical research on cannibanoids and physician recommendations. Guests: Christian J. Teter, PharmD, BCPP, Associate Professor, Psychopharmacology, University of New England College of Pharmacy Vijay Amarendran, MD, MS, Medical Director of Out-Patient Services, The Acadia Hospital Jonathan Fellers, psychiatrist and Director of Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment Program at Maine Medical Center James Li, emergency physician practicing in Damariscotta and also a former assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

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