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Town Square: Future of the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra is marking its 5th year and as it looks toward its sixth season, there are still challenges. Some are not unlike what faced its earlier incarnation, the Honolulu Symphony, which shuttered in bankruptcy in 2010. The reasons were many. Tiffany Hill writing for Honolulu Magazine put it this way: In the end, it was the perfect storm: dropping ticket sales, increasing debt, bad blood between the board and the union, a sour economy and a reorganization plan that couldn't get off the ground. Everyone involved could have done something different—maybe with the next symphony.

Town Square: Addiction Treatment

Few conditions are more stigmatized in American society than addiction. The era of widespread opioid addiction has blown the lid off many preconceived notions about addiction and addicts. Today on Town Square our panel discusses best practices in addiction treatment, recovery and the overlap of substance abuse and mental illness.

Town Square: State of Mental Health Care

Alzheimer's affects 1 in 10 Americans over age 65 or about 5.5 million people. The number of American adults 18 and older with any form of mental illness in a given year is 1 in 5 or 43.4 million people. Today on Town Square we'll look what it will take to create parity in dollars, focus, and understanding of physical and mental illness.

Town Square: 2017 Legislative Session Wrap

The 2017 legislative session at the Hawaii State Capitol was a rollercoaster ride. In this edition of Town Square, our panel will take a look at which bills survived the session to become law, ones that died on the vine and issues left unresolved.

Town Square: Temporary Vacation Rental Regulation

Two bills currently at the legislature allow transient accommodations brokers to register as tax collection agents and have explicit requirements regarding the general excise and the transient accommodations taxes. Today on Town Square we'll consider the bills in detail.

Town Square: Sit and Lie Ban Expansion

This week, a Honolulu City Council committee approved a bill to expand the ordinance banning sitting and lying on public sidewalks. If the entire council agrees, the sit-lie ban could soon come to parts of Iwilei and Kalihi. Several businesses located in the Kalihi area are calling for the ban to be expanded, but opponents have said the measure criminalizes homeless people and unwillingly forces them into shelters. Today's panel includes the President of a longtime Kalihi retail business, a homeless advocate and a representative of ACLU Hawaii.

Town Square: Equal Pay Day

Next Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, the point in the year to which women have to work to equal what their male counterparts earned as of December 31st. With decades of pay inequality still haunting working women and families, is the annual focus really helping to bridge the gender gap or is it just a moment blip on the calendar? From the days of the Equal Pay Act in 1963 and including the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, has federal legislation made a substantive difference in increasing pay parity? Today, our panel takes up Equal Pay Day.

Town Square: Hawaii's Healthcare Future

The Republican effort in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act has stalled for now. How would the American Health Care Act change the state of healthcare in Hawaii? Today on Town Square, we'll look at possible scenarios for Hawaii in the uncertain health insurance climate that seems to be changing moment to moment.

Town Square: Debt and Taxes

Taxation in our state always elicits strong reactions from residents and lawmakers, but what makes sense now with downward revisions in revenue and in likely a few years, a negative change in the economy? How do we plan to meet the state's needs with fairness to the ones who'll foot the bill? With Hawaii's cost of living and many families and low-income individuals living paycheck to paycheck can policies be restructured to provide fairness to all. Today on Town Square, debt and taxes.

Town Square: The Legislative Crossover

We're halfway through the legislative session and bills still alive are moving from their originating to their opposite chamber. Next on Town Square, Neal Milner and Colin Moore consider what's crossing over, what's been left behind and what that all says about session 2017 so far.

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