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Town Square: Children & Sex Trafficking

Hawaii now has a ban on sex trafficking. And last week, prosecutors from around the world met in Honolulu to figure out how to better network global trafficking cases. All that's good, but it doesn't help children who have already been affected. Next time on Town Square, we talk with a former trafficked girl, now grown and part of an organization helping to renew other kids' lives. She and the founder of Ho'ola Na Pua, join us along with the executive director of the Women's Fund. Is there a social responsibility to rehabilitate sex trafficked kids and how could we do it in Hawaii?

Town Square: 2016 Election in the Media

By now you know this presidential race is like no other. And regardless of how you may feel about either candidate, there's one other think you know: this election is like no other for the media, too. How that shows up in what you see and hear is what we'll take up next time on Town Square. Join us Thursday at 5: Hawaii News Now News Director Mark Platte and Civil Beat Editor and General Manager, Patti Epler guest.

Town Square: Media Coverage During Elections

This week on Town Square, looking at how the media and reporters in particular cover political campaigns. Does local and National media coverage generally enlighten or confuse voters? Do reporters focus on things that help us make informed choices or do they just look for scandal and controversy? We'll take up these questions with award-winning investigative reporter and columnist Ian Lind, long time Hawaii journalist Denby Fawcett, and Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Nick Grube.

Town Square: Life on Maui After Sugar

One of key questions hanging over the state is what happens to the Alexander & Baldwin land on Maui after HC&S closes for good at the end of the year. While the phrase diversified agriculture seems to be on everyone's lips, what that means could be anybody's guess. We'll take up that up with Alexander & Baldwin President & Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Benjamin, HC&S General Manager Rick Volner, & Scott Enright, Chair of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.

Town Square: Community Control Over Resource Management

How much control should communities have over the management of their natural resources?

Town Square: A Nation Engaged

This year's presidential campaign continues to divide competing world views. America's place in the world is an ongoing question the next President will face and the answer lies in the US role in global affairs from fighting terrorism to trading with Asia. This week NPR and member stations are examining these issues and so will we as part of "A Nation Engaged."

Town Square: To Assign (Or Not Assign) Homework

Maybe this is the scene at your house: it's 11:15 PM and your middle or high school student is still working on the day's assignments. By the time she's finished, she'll get six or so hours of sleep...and start the next day tired. With sleep-deprived kids at school, little family time and afternoons dominated by sports and other activities, many teachers and parents question the place homework has in children's lives. To assign or not to assign homework today on Town Square.

Town Square: The 1st State Environment Report

A consortium of 17 organization has come together to produce Hawaii's first State of the Environment report, called He Lono Moku. The report tackles three main areas: freshwater security, renewable energy and community-based marine management. This week's panel brings together experts in those areas to discuss this year's report.

Town Square: Key Races in Hawai'i's Primary Election

The rest of the country is focused on the general election, in Hawaii it's all about our primary. UH Public Policy Center Director Colin Moore and HPR contributing editor Neal Milner take a look at the state's key races - and we want to hear from you.

Town Square: Millennial Mindset

We'll look at Hawaii through the eyes of the Millennial Generation - and why some say their priorities are shifting now that they're in their 30's.

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