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Town Square: The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act has the potential to substantially change how addiction is prevented and treated. It's a nonpartisan Congressional initiative now waiting for the President's signature. Today on Town Square, we'll continue our look at this piece of legislation and what its provisions can do - if the act becomes law and funded enough to allow the strategy to work.

Town Square: Meeting Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Guidelines

The Every Student Succeeds Act is the Federal Government's new standard for education. Tonight on Town Square we'll meet with some the people helping create Hawaii's plan for meeting ESSA guidelines.

Town Square: Community-Police Relations

The police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, and the officers shot and killed in Dallas, mean many communities are looking at their own community-police relations. That includes in Hawaii and we will too, next time on Town Square.

Town Square: Changing Political Landscapes

We hear it in Donald Trump's presidential campaign to make America great again by bringing back jobs and saying no to trade deals, we see it in the BREXIT vote and in subsequent calls by other countries to do likewise and chart their own futures.

Town Square: HPR's Changing of the Guards

Today on Town Square, as Michael Titterton's tenure ends, José Fajardo's is just beginning. We'll have a conversation with each chief about HPR's past and future - and why public radio is a lot like falling in love with the same person over and over again.

Town Square: Expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Town Square: Senator Schatz sent his proposal to expand the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument to the President for his consideration. But what do both conservationists who liked the original idea and the fishermen who opposed it say about this new proposal?

Town Square: Expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Town Square: Views on the 2016 Presidential Election

If you've been voting for a while, you know this campaign season is like no other. What was divisive to begin with is now further complicated by the responses to the Orlando shooting. And while Hawaii won't make or break the presidential election, who does (or doesn't) support the presumptive nominees may show up in future state races. We'll talk with the Hawaii Democratic and GOP state party chairs, Tim Vandeveer and Frtiz Rohlfing.

Town Square: Hawaiian Immersion School Legacy

Several generations of Hawaii students and their families are part of the ongoing legacy of Hawaiian immersion schools. Even with a forty year history, the resurgence of culture and language, questions persist about assessments and parity with non-immersion schools. Today on Town Square, we'll consider where immersion schools are now and some of the national attention they've attracted.

Town Square: Meeting the Needs of Transgendered Children and Adults

How to meet the needs of transgender kids and adults continues to pose tough questions for Hawaii and the nation. Dr. MIlton Diamond's research on sexual development dates from 1960s. We'll talk with him and transgender activist Tracy Ryan - and you about some of the issues often left out of the headlines.

Town Square: What Do Political Issues Say About Hawaii?

What's it like trying to resolve serious political conflicts like Hawaiian sovereignty, or genetically modified crops? What do these conflicts say about leadership in this state? We'll talk about these questions. and a lot more, with two people who have worked in the trenches on many of them, Peter Adler and Linda Colburn.

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