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The Conversation: Friday, July 22nd, 2016

National Conference on Status of Women; Still & Moving Gandhi Yoga; Access to Care/Lodging &Transportation Issues for Cancer Patients; Kuana Torres Kahele National Conference on Status of Women: Cathy Betts When someone says the Equal Rights Amendment do you immediately relegate it to history? The National Association of Commissions for Women wants to change that. This week delegates from commissions from throughout the country gathered in Honolulu for a conference where the ERA was one of the first items up for discussion. The group was hosted by the Hawai'i State Commission on the Status of Women. Cathy Betts is the Executive Director of the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women. Intro Music: Mission Impossible by Instrumental Music Tracks Outro Music: Smooth instrumental by Santana Still & Moving Gandhi Yoga: Veena Howard Mohandas K. Gandhi captured the imagination of the world with the image of a frail little man who was able to move mountains, harnessing a

The Conversation: Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The STOP Pain Act, Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), and Addiction Recovery in Hawai'i; New play TAG Casting Call; Relocating Marine Corps Air Station Futenma; Hapa Trail Walk The STOP Pain Act, Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), and Addiction Recovery in Hawaii: Dr. Scott Miscovich Just a few days ago, Congress passed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. It would create a comprehensive, coordinated, and balanced strategy for both education to prevent drug addictions and promotion of effective treatment and recovery. Among its provisions is the use of naloxone, an opioid response inhibitor, resources for quick identification and evidence-based treatment of inmates incarcerated for drug use and the launch of nationwide evidence based heroin and opioid treatment and intervention program consistent with best practices. All good news for Dr. Scott Miscovich. Intro Music: The Dust of Long Dead Stars by The Jayhawks Outro Music: Optimistic Life by

The Conversation: Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Long View; DHT's Mamma Mia; What's Next for HECO?; 14-Nation Tour Long View: Neal Milner You may already be paying close attention to the 2016 presidential campaign, but maybe not quite yet. For most people, it's after the two party conventions when the real campaign begins. And trying to figure out what's going on can get confusing, not because there is too little information but because there is too much. Add in your own predisposition and biases, and analyzing the barrage of information gets more complicated —more heat than light. Intro Music: Hanginaround by The Counting Crows Outro Music: Swingin' by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers DHT's Mamma Mia!: Kimee Balmilero Musical theater will always provide a refuge from reality, just when we need that refuge most. Mamma Mia!, the feel-good show based on the songs of ABBA, offers the kind of respite from the nightly news the world needs more of these days, with sing-along songs and the comfortable feeling, throughout the show, that we're

The Conversation: Monday, July 19th, 2016

Red Flags in the Housing Market; Archeology Discovery on Kauai; Neal Conan; What a Kaua'i Author Learned Living on an Island Warning Signs in the Housing Market– Daren Blomquist In the nine years since the great recession, many analysts have said the biggest failure was not paying attention to what was happening in the housing sector. You remember- the slicing and dicing of subprime mortgages, the credit swaps and other derivatives. While those products have gone away, the concern over how much third party buyers are taking a chunk from the housing market is again becoming an issue according to Daren Blomquist, senior vice president of Realty Trac. We talked ealier and I asked about the warning signs he sees on the mainland and how they compare to Hawaii's data. Intro Music: Just Like Me by Marcus Anderson Outro Music: Moves Like Jagger by Dallas String Quartet Dr. Jennifer Kahn Ancient Miloli'i, Napali, Kauai Archeologists who delve into the time before so-called "recorded history"

The Conversation: Monday, July 18th, 2016

Democratic Party of Hawaii Chair Tim Vandeveer; Lei-Maker; Climate Change; Next to Normal, Aloha Performing Arts Company Democratic Party of Hawaii Chair: Tim Vandeveer A poll conducted last week by location-based social network YikYak shows almost half of Bernie Sanders Millennial supporters would move to a third party, despite Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The survey asked 2000 Yakkers...YikYak is used almost exclusively Millennials. With Hawaii's strong support of Bernie Sanders and the task of uniting the part falling to the chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, we called Tim Vandeveer to get his take on the poll and its implications for Hawaii. Intro Music: Fire by Diskopunk Outro Music: Adventure Of a Lifetime by Big Hit Twisters Lei-Maker: Jamie Kaohulani Adams Detwiler A lei is something more than an ornament; it comes with the weight of centuries of traditions kept alive within families — its intricate designs tell their own stories and evoke centuries of history

The Conversation: Friday, July 15th, 2016

The Future of Cornea Transplants in Hawai'i; Hoku Zuttermeister; The Future of SB 2077; Hawaii Performing Arts Festival The Future of Cornea Transplants in Hawaii: Michael Simao Here's a situation you probably haven't thought much about...if you needed an eye transplant, where would you go to find a cornea? In Hawaii, about three quarters of the roughly a hundred and fifty annual eye transplants happen through the Hawaii Lions Eye Bank. But now another organization wants to take over corneal transplant services for Hawaii- and while competition in some businesses may bring better services, in this case the big concern is where the recipients will be - in Hawaii or on the mainland. Michael Simao is the Operations Manager at the Hawaiian Lion's Eye Bank. Intro Music: Bringing the World to You by Breaking News Outro Music: Satisfy My Soul by The Pocket Hoku Zuttermeister Hoku Zuttermeister has forged a musical career out of keeping traditions alive — and he's well placed to do just that,

The Conversation: Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Hawaii's Aging Population; Kika Kila:How the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Changed the Sound of Modern Music; Equal Means Equal; Discover Flying as a Private Pilot Hawaii's Aging Population: Andrew Mason The latest report on Hawaii's changing population shows our states senior population is growing at an annual rate that's outpacing the general population. Between 2010 and 2015, Hawaii residents over age sixty-five grew four times faster than the overall population over the same period. The increase in elders is confining to shape the focus of the state and shift the target of commercial goods and services. University of Hawaii economics professor Andrew Mason researches the impact of aging in the U.S. and around the world. Intro Music: La Marseillaise by Django Reinhardt Outro Music: Growin' Up by Bruce Springsteen Kika Kila-How the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Changed the Sound of Modern Music: John Troutman The world was hungry for new sounds in the early decades of the twentieth century, as radio

The Conversation: Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

An Alternative View on Bids to Cool Hawaii Classrooms; Savant Books and Publications; Democratic Convention Delegate; Ridge to Reef Rendezvous An Alternative View on Bids to Cool Hawaii Classrooms: John White The effort to make classroom temperatures bearable for students and teachers was supposed to be underway this summer. But when the DOE received the actual bids, the budget of twenty to forty thousand dollars per classroom came up short. That led Representative Matt LoPresti to ask the state's Attorney General to investigate potential gouging by the construction industry...a charge that John White says isn't true. John White is the executive director of the Pacific Resource Partnership -the group that represents contractors and the largest construction union in Hawaii. Intro Music: Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals Outro Music: Funky Pop Harmonica by Lars Luis Linek Savant Books and Publications: Dan Janik Today's publishing industry has changed dramatically

The Conversation: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

The Science of Cuddle Parties; The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet; Update on the Every Student Succeeds Act; Modern-Day Micronesians in Hawaii The Science of Cuddle Parties: Paul Thornton A night cuddled up with the one you love or your snuggling your kids as you watch a family movie or tell stories under a dining table fort may be fairly routine scenes in your life. Going to a party of strangers to hug and puppy pile probably isn't. The social phenomenon has been around for a decade and as we talked about early this month, now in Hawaii. And while most people know that humans crave touch, we wanted to know how a psychologist assessed the cuddle party. Dr. Paul Thorton is the lecturer at the University of Hawaii and he's with us this morning. Intro Music: The Solar System Song by The Singing Walrus Outro Music: Cuddle Up A Little Closer by Russ Conway The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet: Grace Chen Most of a have a general idea of the benefits of a plant-based diet, but many of us are

The Conversation: Monday, July 11th, 2016

Proposed Solar Farm on Hawaii Island; The Witches of Edmonton; Next Steps after Bill Banning Sex trafficking Signed in to Law; Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical Proposed Solar Farm on Hawaii Island: Rep. Richard Creagan For months, Hawaii Island residents in Ocean View have criticized a plan to develop a series of twenty-seven small solar farms in the residential area.. Some of the finger pointing concerns how the project was created by one large company to take advantage of the feed in tariff opportunity, meant for small companies. Other opponents are asking whether the project is really in the public interest. This month, the state's consumer advocates agreed. What happens now to keep the project from happening is the focus of Representative Richard Creagan, who joins us this morning. Intro Music: Outro Music: Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman The Witches of Edmonton: Taurie Kinoshita Humankind still struggles to explain natural phenomena, but it has come a long way

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