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Bytemarks Café: Hawai'i State IT Modernization

We'll learn about the IT modernization project taking place at the Hawaii State government. We've invited both the Chief Information Officers of the State and the University of Hawaii to tell us about the benefits and the challenges to IT transformation.

Bytemarks Café: Coral Reef Planning

We'll find out what plans were made at the recent International Coral Reef Symposium. We've invited two of Hawaii's preeminent coral researchers to detail what can be done to protect this important marine ecosystem?

Bytemarks Café: The Latest Blue Startups

Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll talk with a fresh new crop of the latest Blue Startup cohort. These new companies get accelerated with mentoring and a small startup investment. What else will it take to nurture them, and build Hawaii's 'Startup Paradise'?

Bytemarks Café: Hawaii's Potential Aerospace Industry

Today on Bytemarks Café, we'll explore the potential for Hawaii to develop an aerospace industry to include rocket launches and Martian simulations. We'll find out what needs to happen to bring this dream to reality. How much will it cost and what is the return on investment?

Bytemarks Café: Startup Paradise

We'll talk to investors in the Hawaii startup scene to get the pulse of our Startup Paradise. We'll find out what investor dollars are being spent on, the amount of deal flow and what tech companies to watch.

Bytemarks Café: Marine Robotics

Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we're taking the plunge into the pool with the Marine Advanced Technology Education robotics program. We'll find out about the challenges facing a team determined to build and run a remotely operated vehicle under water.

Bytemarks Café: Legislative Session Recap for Startups

We'll get a recap on how the tech and startup ecosystem fared in this year's Legislative session. We'll talk to the Executive Director of HTDC and the Director of DBEDT to find out about the entrepreneur's sandbox, accelerators, SBIR and broadband.

Bytemarks Cafe for 2016-05-18

Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll learn how two organizations are using technology to help address the challenges of homelessness. How can technology and innovation be effectively applied to social services? What solutions can make a difference?

Bytemarks Café: Pan-STARRS Update

We'll get an update on a comet from our early solar system called Pan-STARRS. Named after the telescope that found it, Pan-STARRS comes from the Oort Cloud and could give us clues about Earth's formation.

Bytemarks Café: Impact Hub Update

An update on the Impact Hub and the work they are doing to spread entrepreneurship. We'll find out how a new program is being implemented in all the community colleges to encourage the business minded to nurture their startups.

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