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The Body Show: Latest in Cosmetic Surgery

Looking and feeling your best, we all want that for the New Year. So what's the latest in cosmetic surgery to help you look and feel great? Next time on The Body Show, talking about the latest in invasive and non-invasive ways to put your best face forward.

The Body Show: Alternatives to Pain Medication

The opioid crisis is in full force nationwide. But there are other options for people who are suffering in chronic pain that don't come just in a pill. Next time on the Body Show, talking with a health psychologist about hypnosis, meditation and more.

The Body Show: Benefits of Different Therapies

Back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis, these are all conditions best treated by a combination of physical and occupational therapy. Next time on The Body Show, talking with experts about what these types of therapy can do for you and how the right activity can make all the difference.

The Body Show: Nutrition

You are what you eat or so the saying goes and as we learn more about what's really in our food and how it affects our bodies, knowing how to find the best types of ingredients to put in our meals can make all the difference. Next time on The Body Show we'll talk to nutrition experts about how to make sure what we eat is as good for us as possible...even if it is dessert.

The Body Show: Arthritis

Muscle and joint pains are common as we age, but when does it turn into arthritis? What can be done to prevent having to take a lot of pain pills all the time? Are there newer treatments available for things like back pain? Talking with an expert about the latest in the diagnosis and treatment of joint pains and arthritis.

The Body Show: Brain Food

Can what you eat actually affect how your brain functions? What are the best foods if you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis?

The Body Show: Diabetes

Diabetes it's not just about the sugar anymore. Diabetes is a risk factor for strokes, kidney problems, vision loss and more. This afternoon on The Body Show, a talk with an expert about the latest in diabetes care and how controlling sugars is just the beginning.

The Body Show: Sinus Disease

Do you ever find yourself so congested that you can't breathe out of your nose or even smell well? It could be a sign of a minor problem or something serious that needs medical treatment right away. Today on The Body Show, talking with an expert about the signs and symptoms of sinus disease and what to do to treat it for good.

The Body Show: Dealing With Alzheimer's

Do you remember what you ate for dinner last week probably not but what if you couldn't remember what happened today? Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that steals memories from those who have it. Today on The Body Show, Dr. Kathy Kozak talks with an expert about the best way to deal with this type of dementia and how it can affect all of us.

The Body Show: Epilepsy

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and most people may not realize that this is the fourth most common neurologic problem and can be scary if anyone has ever witnessed someone having a seizure. We'll be talking with a panel of experts about the common misperceptions about epilepsy and also reviewing the facts.

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