Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts

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Check out Creature Comforts on MPB Think Radio! Each week, Libby Hartfield, Retired Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, brings a specialist into the studio to answer your questions about various animals we see in Mississippi. And of course, Dr. Troy Majure, a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Jackson answers your pet questions. Each week, you'll learn more about the animals that live in our homes and the animals who live in the world around us. You'll also find out more about family-friendly exhibits and events at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. Email your pet and animal questions to and listen to Creature Comforts Thursday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio.More from Creature Comforts »

Most Recent Episodes

Get Off My Lawn

Our guest today Kris Godwin, State Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services. She is here to let us know how to legally and ethically deal with problems that arise when wildlife gets a little too close for comfort.


This episode has been 60 million years in the making! Greg Phillips, paleontologist at the MS Museum of Natural Science, is here to talk about Titanoboa. The 40ft long snake that lived during the age of the dinosaurs.

Mississippi Migration

Our guest today is Rob Ballinger, Bottomland Hardwoods/Wetlands Program Coordinator for Wildlife Mississippi. He gives us insight to Mississippi bird migration and how Wildlife Mississippi is serving the wetlands.

So You Think You Can Fish

Our guest today is Karen Dierolf , a Conservation Resource Biologist at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. She is talking to us about the event "So You Think You Can Fish" and what you can expect on the end of your hook this time of year.

Wildlife Mississippi

Today we are putting the spotlight on Wildlife Mississippi. What they are all about? What is their mission? And how for the past 20 years have they been able to protect, restore or enhance 420,000 acres of wildlife habitat here in Mississippi. Also we speak with Chaz Gaffin from the reptile show Repticon.

Ducks Unlimited

Can you think of anyone who does not like ducks? We can't either! This show we are joined by James Callicutt from duck conservation group Ducks Unlimited. Also Libby is back from vacation. Learn which ducks are native to the Mississippi flyway and if it's really safe to feed the ducks at your pond.

Pet Day...Again!

Dr. Majure is here and answers your pet questions. We have some dog, cat, parrot, and even some rabbit talk on today's show. We also speak with Deborah Boswell from the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.

Pet Day!

It's time for another pet day! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or do you have both? Or maybe you have questions about getting a different pet like a rabbit, snake, or ferret? And what's a good choice for a child's first pet?

Christmas Bird Count

Today we are learning how you can be a part of the annual Christmas Bird Count. What kind of birds are you likely to see at the CBC? What are the most unusual birds that have been seen? And what is done with all the data that's collected?

Animal Colors

On today's show we want to talk about the different color variations of our animal friends. What animals have you seen change their color in your area of the state? Do some animals change colors with the seasons? What animals use different color variations as camouflage or protection?

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