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On "University Of The Air," hosts Norman Gilliland and Emily Auerbach draw on the knowledge of faculty from Wisconsin universities, visiting professors and artists for conversations about a broad range of topics of enduring interest.More from University Of The Air »

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On Stage at Three Famous Wisconsin Venues

At Ten Chimneys, James Pickering and Iannone will act out two scenes from plays associated with Broadway greats Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Nat Burger and Laura Rook will share scenes from their American Players Theatre production of the two-actor play "Mary's Wedding." And Florentine Opera director William Florescu will take us behind the scenes for highlights of some of the company's standout performances.

Women and Power in Post-Conflict Africa

Liberia elected the first woman president in Africa, Uganda has a female vice president, and Angola has more than a majority of seats in Parliament held by women. In this hour, Professor Aili Tripp explores the way women have gained political offices and brought about constitutional reforms in African nations recovering from long wars.

The Latest Discoveries at Troy

For centuries, no one was sure if the Troy of Homer's Iliad really existed. Since the discovery of the legendary city, archeologists have learned a lot about what life was like there and how it came to be destroyed—more than once. Troy archeologist William Aylward will tell us about some of the latest discoveries there.

John Muir

Scottish-born naturalist John Muir became one of the first great advocates for the preservation of the American wilderness. His boyhood and youth in Wisconsin did a lot to develop the traits that would make him a forceful and articulate spokesman for a life lived in harmony with nature. Historian Daniel Einstein will tell us about Muir's boyhood on a Wisconsin farm, his years as an inventor and entrepreneur at the University of Wisconsin, and his first forays into the American West.

The Cases of a Criminal Defense Attorney

During his long career, Milwaukee criminal defense attorney Dean Strang has taken on many challenging cases, including that of Steven Avery that was the subject of the ten-part Netflix documentary Making a Murderer . Dean Strang tells us why pardons, commutations, and paroles have declined markedly since the 1960s and what the decline says about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and we'll also look at the role that politics plays in the granting of clemency and parole. It's University of the Air with criminal defense attorney Dean Strang—next on the Ideas Network of WPR.

1919 and Washington's Red Summer

It should've been the year to celebrate peace at the end of the Great War, but instead, 1919 was a time of violence in America. Historian David Krugler will explain why African Americans found themselves in a crucible of violence and what they did about it.

Let 'Em Take Steroids

Scandals about doping have rocked the Olympics and every major sporting event. In this hour, medical ethicist Dr. Norman Fost defends his controversial, decades-long opinion that legalizing rather than banning performance-enhancing drugs for athletes would be a better solution.

Global Well-Being

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson will tell us about the four factors that lead to a person's well-being. Are we born with them? And if we are, can they be strengthened through exercise?

Wisconsin's Politics of Resentment

Wisconsin is a "purple state" that has elected both Republican and Democratic officials and battled over a gubernatorial recall. In this hour, political scientist Katherine Cramer explores the split between rural and urban areas of the state, drawing on the field research she covers in her new book, The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker.


Psychologist Joseph Newman and neuroscientist Mike Koenings share some of their considerable research into the phenomenon of psychopathy, also known as antisocial personality disorder.

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