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Former state treasurer blames "hostility" toward Michigan cities for financial struggles

Former Michigan Teasurer Robert Kleine added another layer to the debate about what caused the Flint water crisis. Decisions made by Flint's emergency m...

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PR expert: "No turning point in sight" in Gov. Snyder's handling of Flint water crisis

In the coming months, there will continue to be much debate and discussion over the Flint water crisis. Who made the wrong decisions, and who knew what,...

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Stateside for Friday, February 5, 2016

A public relations expert tells us what he thinks Governor Snyder should be doing in light of the Flint water crisis. A former State of Michigan...

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Recently released Enbridge report shows areas of corrosion along Line 5

Recently released information about the condition of Enbridge's Line 5 oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac shows some signs of corrosion. But...

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Chris Bathgate has emerged from his hiatus, releases first indie album in four years

Michigan's Chris Bathgate has gotten national acclaim in recent years, touring the country playing music and even being featured in one of NPR's Tiny D...

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Why cities like Flint transport water using pipes made with a poison

The Flint water crisis has attracted attention and outrage from all over the globe, but unfortunately, the city of Flint isn't the first to have its pop...

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Flint rapper Jon Connor writes about the disaster in his hometown

Rapper Jon Connor says he's "Flint to the bone." He was born and raised in the city, but moved to California around two years ago after he was signed...

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What did Snyder know and when did he know it?

There's no question that some of the wilder criticism of Governor Snyder has gone too far. There's absolutely no evidence the governor, or anybody else,...

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Stateside for Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016

If you're a police officer in the U.K., you might go your entire career without ever seeing a gun. Compared to what London Metropolitan Police...

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UK police constable shares his view on policing in Detroit

If you're a police officer in the United Kingdom, chances are you don't carry a gun. In fact, you might go through your entire career and never fire a w...

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