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Stateside 8.25.2016

Today, we hear about possible upsides to the Flint water crisis. And, we learn how dirty surgical instruments could be endangering patients at the Detroit Medical Center.

Real-time health app could cut down on doctors' visits

The Next Idea In the 1970's, the Japanese concept of "Kanban" turned the U.S. auto industry on its ear – "just in time" inventory and manufacturing. Now, that just-in-time concept is being applied to keep people on track after rehabilitation. Just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI) can bring health support to you right through a smartphone.

Dirty surgical instruments at DMC frustrate doctors, imperil patients

In 2010, now Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan was the CEO of the Detroit Medical Center. One decision he made was to streamline the process of sterilizing medical instruments. The result: A sole Central Sterile Processing Department in the basement of Detroit Receiving Hospital. That department is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing instruments for all five DMC hospitals in Midtown Detroit. That includes Children's, Detroit Receiving, Harper, Hutzel Women's and the DMC Heart Hospital. This means workers must clean and sterilize thousands and thousands of instruments then package them for surgical procedures. An investigation by Detroit News reporters Karen Bouffard and Joel Kurth revealed that DMC surgeries are now plagued by dirty or missing instruments and equipment.

Dry for two decades, taps flow with Stroh's again

This is an extra-good week to be a beer drinker in Michigan. Stroh's Bohemian-style Pilsner came back this week, and it's made in Detroit. It will be on tap at 72 bars all over Michigan on Friday. Frances Stroh of the Stroh beer family joined us to talk about the big return of the Pilsner beer that won a ribbon at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

Howes: the possible upsides of Flint catastrophe

People in Flint are wondering if they'll ever have to stop worrying about proper filters, about the supply of bottled water, about giving kids a bath. It's been about a year since the lid blew off what the world knows now as the "Flint water crisis," and the biggest development this week is another tug-of-war between Governor Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette over the Flint investigation. But Daniel Howes of The Detroit News can see an upside in Flint's struggles, as well as a challenge to Michigan at large.

Bacon: Michigan athletes relish Olympic success

In the standings of medals won in Rio, Michigan would rank 16th if it were a country. That's according to a story in the Detroit Free Press by Brian Manzullo. "What's impressive about that is these are the summer Olympics," sports commentator John. U Bacon said. "This is Michigan, man. Summer's not our thing." Bacon joined Stateside to discuss Michigan's outstanding performance at this year's Summer Olympics – with a special hat tip to Olympians Michael Phelps and Nick Willis – and Ryan Lochte's "we were robbed at gunpoint" lie.

For Clinton transition team, former Gov. Granholm focused on energy and infrastructure

From the time Hilary Clinton first ran for President in 2008, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm has been one of her most vocal and visible supporters. She was recently named part of Hillary Clinton's transition team. Michigan Radio's Rick Pluta spoke with Granholm to learn what her responsibilities would be in the Hillary Clinton administration, if Clinton is indeed elected.

For Clinton transition team, former Gov. Granholm focused on energy and infrastructure

Recycling hits some snags in Michigan

We've been hearing from a lot of you about the state of recycling in Michigan. People shared their questions through our MI Curious project: "Why are some recycling centers having trouble selling the stuff they collect?" - Salle Haverkamp "Athens, MI council just voted to end their recycling program partly because they think the stuff is just land-filled. Is recycling real?" - Laurie Swansen The University of Michigan's recycling program cut back on what they take. And some businesses in the state are having problems too. The folks at Ventura Manufacturing wrote to us to say they're having a hard time finding a good recycling option for the material they have leftover at their facility in Zeeland. "Right now, there's not too many people who can recycle," says Franciso Colon is with Ventura Manufacturing in Zeeland. "I mean everybody is charging you a lot of money if they come and pick up your recycling." Steelcase told us they're paying some of the highest prices they've paid in the

Courting the black vote

Donald Trump is coming to Michigan again early next month, this time specifically to court black voters in Detroit. My guess is that the Clinton campaign is thrilled by this. In fact, they probably wish Trump would spend every day until November 8 in Detroit. If he did so, and managed to make some connections with black Detroiters, he might manage to lift his level of support in that community to maybe four percent.

Stateside 8.24.2016

Today, guests discuss the latest chapter in the public rivalry between Governor Snyder and State Attorney General Bill Schuette. And, we hear a tale of two elephants who left the Detroit Zoo for a better life.

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