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Every Tuesday, Michigan Radio's Jennifer White talks with Michigan's state and federal legislators and policy makers about issues that affect Michigan citizens.More from Michigan Radio: Newsmaker Interviews »

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Central American children destined for Michigan?

There has been a recent influx of undocumented children who are crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. Many of these children hail from Central...




Congressman Kildee says some Central American refugees will likely come to Michigan

In recent weeks we’ve been hearing about the surge of undocumented minors from Central America crossing into the U.S. Some call it a humanitarian...




Detroit will continue to face major challenges even after bankruptcy

As the city of Detroit swiftly works its way through bankruptcy court there are some bright spots on the horizon. The state of Michigan, foundations...




Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons explains latest on statewide teacher evaluation bills

A state wide teacher evaluation system is finally seeing some movement in the legislature. The plan would rate teachers and administrators based on...

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Republican state senator introduces bill to increase minimum wage

Michigan voters could see a question about increasing the minimum wage on the ballot this year. A petition drive is under way to collect enough...

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What's next for the EAA in Michigan?

A vote is expected on a final version of a bill that would expand the Education Achievement Authority into a statewide district. The EAA was created by...

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Could foundations offering to help Detroit regret their decision?

As Detroit continues to move through the bankruptcy process, an outstanding issue is a plan to protect artwork at the Detroit Institute of Arts. A...

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Audio: April DeBoer talks about challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage

Tomorrow, hearings challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage begin in federal court. Partners April DeBoer and Jayne Rouse are two nurses, living...

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Why Rep. Lipton believes her bill is better alternative to EAA

The Michigan House could vote this week to expand the Education Achievement Authority, or EAA. The EAA was created by Gov. Rick Snyder as a separate...

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Why Rep. Zemke believes teacher evaluations need change

A set of bipartisan bills moving through the state legislature would reshape Michigan's teacher evaluation system. Democratic Rep. Adam Zemke from Ann...

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