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Every Friday, author and sports commentator John U. Bacon offers up his thoughts and views on the sports stories going on around our region.More from Sports Commentary: John U. Bacon »

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Big Ten football suffers from a lack of leadership

In 1895, the presidents of seven Midwestern universities met at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago to form what we now call the Big Ten. They created the...

Michigan athletics loses magic and fans thanks to Brandon's policies

Last week, Michigan Athletics admitted student football ticket sales are down —from about 21,000 two years ago to just 13,000 this fall. How'd Michigan...

Advisers aren't doing Michael Sam any favors

When Michael Sam told his University of Missouri teammates he was gay before last season, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s a safe bet that NFL teams – who...

Why hockey fans should still savor the Red Wings' season

Wednesday night the Detroit Red Wings lost their final playoff game of the season to the Chicago Blackhawks, breaking the hearts of hockey fans across

Students aren’t leaving Michigan football - Michigan football is leaving them

For decades, students at Michigan games were assigned seats, with the seniors getting the best ones. But for some games last year, a quarter of the 20,000

From out of the sewers, Michigan finds its man in John Beilein

It wasn’t that long ago that Michigan’s basketball program was not merely unsuccessful, but the shame of the athletic department. Bo Schembechler fired

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