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What's really behind GOP push for income tax rollback?

There's a battle over taxes emerging in Lansing. Is it real? Or is it actually a proxy for other looming political fights? Tax rollback We could see action soon on a plan that would begin to rollback and eventually, after four decades, completely eliminate the state income tax. But this idea from state House Republicans is getting the cold shoulder from Governor Rick Snyder, a lot of state Senate Republicans and, not to mention Democrats. Republicans who support the tax rollback say, because the state is running a budget surplus, that the money should be returned to taxpayers. They also say there was a promise that a tax rate hike under Governor Granholm was only meant to be temporary. But that promised rollback was stopped in 2011 by Governor Rick Snyder and legislative Republicans in order to balance the budget. "Right now, this is about restoring that promise that was promised to our citizens several years ago. We believe that the hard-working taxpayers of this state deserve to have

Can Gov. Snyder stave off GOP tax cut talk?

Governor Rick Snyder has laid out his budget plan for the coming year. He wants the state to save more, pay down debt and spend on infrastructure.

Dems preparing a lawsuit over 'rigged' redistricting system in Michigan

A legal battle over redistricting in Michigan could soon be underway. Letters are being sent to some 60 attorneys, legislators and ex-legislators, staffers and ex-staffers, Governor Rick Snyder, and many others, telling them: Anything you have related to the 2011 redistricting process, you better keep it. We're talking drafts of maps, emails, instructions, and confidential analysis.

Dems preparing a lawsuit over 'rigged' redistricting system in Michigan

Does Governor Snyder approve of President Trump's ban on Muslims?

Thousands of protesters gathered yesterday at Detroit Metro Airport and in Dearborn, Hamtramck, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor to demonstrate against President Donald Trump's ban on immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries. (Support trusted journalism like this in Michigan. Give what you can here .)

Can Michigan make it to 10 million people?

"Our goal should be, we can reach 10 million people again." That was Governor Snyder's goal delivered at his 2017 State of the State speech Tuesday night.

Whitmer "first" to jump into Michigan's 2018 race for Governor

The new president, Congress and state Legislature still haven't been sworn in but Campaign 2018 is already underway. Former state Senator Gretchen Whitmer is the "first" candidate to launch a 2018 campaign for governor of Michigan. Whitmer is a Democrat who spent more than a dozen years in the state Legislature before being term-limited out in 2014.

Michigan electors vote today for president

A lot of attention is being paid today to the usually almost-anonymous job of being a presidential elector. This afternoon at the state Capitol, in the state Senate chamber, Michigan's 16 votes for president will be cast by presidential electors - one vote for every congressional district in the state, plus two at-large electors. It's a little-noted honor to be an elector. Typically, it's held for party stalwarts looking to be a footnote to history. This year, though, these electors are facing pressure to make history by refusing to vote for Donald Trump and, thus, to deny him a majority of electoral votes and throw the question of who the next president will be to the U.S. House of Representatives. That has only happened twice before in American history - including in 1876 with the truly weird election when three states approved two slates of electors to cast ballots. It took a commission made up of senators, representatives and Supreme Court justices to sort it out. Rutherford B.

Republican majority in Lansing gears up for final days of lame duck

There's one more week of "lame duck" in Lansing as the Michigan Legislature wraps up its 2015-2016 session. Lame duck - the period between the November election and the end of the year - is when the going gets weird in Lansing.

Federal judge orders Michigan presidential recount to begin at noon

The largest vote recount in Michigan's history has been ordered to begin this afternoon at noon. Very early this morning, federal judge Mark Goldsmith ordered the state to, "cease any delay in the commencement of the recount of the presidential vote cast in Michigan as of noon..."

An unprecedented presidential recount in Michigan

This afternoon, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers will, in all likelihood, certify the results of the November 8th election - bringing Campaign 2016 to an official close and opening the door to Recount 2016. Unprecedented Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are about to become the center of the U.S. political universe as the Green Party and its presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, try to upset the order of things and make elections officials in those three states go back and check their work. A recount of presidential votes in Michigan has never happened before. This process will not be a simple thing. Unofficially, it appears Republican Donald Trump has a more than 10,700 vote lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Jill Stein came in fourth in Michigan, with some 51,000 votes. That's 1.1 percent of the vote. And, interestingly enough, the Stein campaign says it's not looking to change the result of the election, which seems highly unlikely anyway. But being a losing candidate

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