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Could anti-union petition effort hurt Michigan Republicans in 2018?

A petition campaign that collapsed in scandal last year is re-launching and some GOP leaders are concerned the issue could threaten Republican control over Lansing.

Michigan Republicans eyeing teacher retirement benefit reform

There's a face off between Governor Rick Snyder and Republican leaders over an issue that's not even at the top of anyone's to-do list. The state Legislature is working away on the state budget and Republicans have been cutting Snyder's budget proposal. They're squirreling away money but they haven't decided what to do with it yet.

Start of school year gets political

Schools in Michigan are not supposed to start the year until after Labor Day. It is state law.

A third Snyder term?

Rick Snyder cannot run for governor again because he's term-limited. But that doesn't mean Michigan's CEO Governor isn't working on a succession plan. Snyder's Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley seems to be making moves toward a run for the top job.

How will Trump Twitter rage play in Election 2018 in Michigan?

Will President Trump's Twitter rage be turned against Michigan's senior U.S. Senator if Debbie Stabenow votes against his nominee for the Supreme Court? And would it make a difference?

Who wants to make absentee voting easier in Michigan?

The effort to allow any Michigan voter to request an absentee ballot may be close to critical mass in the state Senate. That's as more Republicans are accepting the idea that anyone who wants to mail in or drop off their ballot should be allowed to without having to lie to do it. (Support trusted journalism like this in Michigan. Give what you can here .)

Gov. Snyder at odds with some fellow Republicans over Obamacare

What's a Republican governor to do when his own political party is the problem? We're hearing a lot about the divide among Republicans in D.C. over the "repeal and replacement" of Obamacare. President Donald Trump and the House Republican leadership have a plan. But, conservatives don't like it. Democrats don't like it. Interest groups like the AARP are already piling on, and let's add to the list: Republican governors like Ohio Governor John Kasich and Michigan's own Rick Snyder.

Can Democrats figure out how to win legislative seats again?

(Support trusted journalism like this in Michigan. Give what you can here .) In elections, it's all about who shows up. And last year, Democrats didn't. The Democrats' historic loss in Michigan is due pretty much to the fact that too many voters who would typically vote Democratic simply sat out Election 2016. While Republicans, true to form, showed up at the polls.

Will House GOP leader seek harmony or revenge following tax vote debacle?

State House Speaker Tom Leonard (R-DeWitt) is figuring out his next move after his income tax rollback tanked in the House last week. It was an embarrassing defeat largely the result of putting the bill up before the Speaker knew the votes were there. And he ran into a hard-dozen fellow Republicans who, along with all but one of the Democrats, torpedoed what was supposed to be a marquee moment in the early days of this session.

Will House GOP leader seek harmony or revenge following tax vote debacle?

What's really behind GOP push for income tax rollback?

There's a battle over taxes emerging in Lansing. Is it real? Or is it actually a proxy for other looming political fights? Tax rollback We could see action soon on a plan that would begin to rollback and eventually, after four decades, completely eliminate the state income tax. But this idea from state House Republicans is getting the cold shoulder from Governor Rick Snyder, a lot of state Senate Republicans and, not to mention Democrats. Republicans who support the tax rollback say, because the state is running a budget surplus, that the money should be returned to taxpayers. They also say there was a promise that a tax rate hike under Governor Granholm was only meant to be temporary. But that promised rollback was stopped in 2011 by Governor Rick Snyder and legislative Republicans in order to balance the budget. "Right now, this is about restoring that promise that was promised to our citizens several years ago. We believe that the hard-working taxpayers of this state deserve to have

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