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Stateside covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues — as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio's broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside focuses on topics and events that matter to people all across the state. Stateside is hosted by Cynthia Canty (Mon-Thu) and Lester Graham (Fri).More from Stateside »

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Stateside 1.16.2017

Today, we learn why Trump's business experience ultimately won over one Detroit area surgeon. And, we take a pilgrimage to the late Marvin Yagoda's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

Stateside 1.13.17

Today, we talk to Sen. Debbie Stabenow about why she opposes the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education. Plus, we chat with the head of the state Department of Transportation about Michigan's role in developing driverless cars. To find individual interviews, click here or see below: MDOT director says transition to autonomous vehicles could be "messy" but will save lives Cheers! A cocktail to celebrate the Detroit auto show Fearing an oil spill, Wisconsin tribe votes to remove Enbridge Line 5 Political roundup: Plan to eliminate the income tax would create a $9 billion hole New curators at DIA highlight museum's approach to reach African-Americans Stabenow: Republican efforts to repeal ACA without replacement are "irresponsible" Why a local government official is defending Nestle's water pumping plan

Stateside. 1.12.17

Today, we speak with the head of Michigan's Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon. Also, despite a scientific consensus that Flint water quality is improving, Flint residents are still skeptical. We get Congressman Dan Kildee's take on yesterday's Town Hall meeting in Flint. To find individual interviews, click here or see below: Howes: Trump is displaying a "pretty incredible ignorance" about how modern auto industry works What's coming next in 2017? Hint: It's not autonomous vehicles Rep. Kildee: "State has gotten off easy" on Flint clean-up contribution When Macy's, K-Mart, Sears stores close, what are the ripple effects? Michigan Bookmark: Sage of bonefishing takes "Body of Water" author on mythic journey Detroit Auto Show: Auto industry in one of most "important transformations" we've seen in decades Michigan Party Chair: Dems need to prove we're the party of working people, not corporations

Stateside 1.11.17

It's a new year and a fresh start for the Michigan Legislature, with a new session kicking off today. We meet the new speaker of the state House. Plus, we hear about what happened when the state automated its unemployment claims system. To find individual interviews, click here or see below: State falsely penalizes thousands for unemployment benefits fraud. Now victims want their money back New state House speaker wants to bring civility back to Michigan political process EPA official: Flint's water is improving, many lessons learned

Stateside 1.10.17

As the Michigan Legislature prepares to start work for the new year, we'll talk with two new state representatives on today's show. And, we'll hear how the people of Bolivia can teach us lessons in meeting our water challenges. To find individual interviews, click here or see below: Why Betsy DeVos' Senate confirmation hearing was rescheduled Why we need to stop thinking beer is just for men Dementia rates are declining and education could have a lot to do with it Lobbyists, legislation, and learning curves: New state reps share their expectations and goals Water privatization fiasco in South America offers lessons for Michigan

Stateside 1.9.2017

For the first time in seven years, an elected Detroit school board is in place. Today, we talk with Sonya Mays, one of the board members. And, a public health expert goes back in history to find the true cause of the Flint water crisis. To find individual interviews, click here or see below: Detroit school board begins new era with massive to-do list Detroit Auto Show: Automakers seek clarity from Trump Administration In face of foreign competition, Michigan agency tries to save jobs by helping small manufacturers In its fifth year, state's first Michigan-only writing contest sees surge in submissions Looking back on how state-supported suburban flight laid foundation for Flint water crisis

Stateside 1.6.2017

Today, we learn why it's harder than we thought for kids to do better than their parents socioeconomically. And, we hear why biologists are saying Earth is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction.

Stateside 1.5.2017

In conversation with a sheriff and a researcher, we hear how immigration raids affect communities and law enforcement. And, we learn why most people are "either all in or all against" the proposed nuclear waste site near Lake Huron.

Stateside 1.4.2017

Today, Gretchen Whitmer explains why she became the first candidate to announce a run for governor in 2018. And, we hear about a police re-training program focusing on a mentality shift for officers: from warrior to guardian.

Stateside 1.3.2017

Today, we talk about gerrymandering and how it contributes to polarization of our political system. And, we hear how some researchers turn to biological evolution for clues to improve artificial intelligence.

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