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Stateside covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues — as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio's broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside focuses on topics and events that matter to people all across the state. Stateside is hosted by Cynthia Canty (Mon-Thu) and Lester Graham (Fri).More from Stateside »

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Stateside 2.24.2017

Today, we learn why conversations about bias should talk about skin color, not "race." And, we discuss what's left of Fordlândia, the transplanted Midwestern town in the Amazon.

Stateside 2.23.2017

What do you picture when someone says "typical college student?" Today we learn why the image in your head might be the wrong one. And, we hear of efforts by the state and hunters to control Michigan's "resilient" coyote population.

Stateside 2.22.2017

Today we learn why Trump's immigration policies could compound restaurants' struggle to attract workers. And, we speak with (and hear tunes from) the oldest pipe band in the state of Michigan. It brought new immigrants together over 100 years ago.

Stateside 2.21.2017

Today on Stateside , progressive constituents explain why they think Republican Congressmen Dave Trott (R-Birmingham), Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) and Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) are avoiding them. Also today, a recent report found that Michigan is the only state where students have not improved on a national reading and math test. We hear from the author of that report as well.

Stateside 2.20.2017

Today we hear from Kalamazoo's mayor on the one-year anniversary of a shooting rampage. Then, a Michigan playwright is inspired by his parents' World War II love letters. Plus, the beloved game of Euchre! Why is it still a thing in Michigan? To find individual interviews, click here or see below: Kalamazoo mayor: A year later, mass shooting has had little impact on larger gun violence debate Bacon: Red Wings' record playoff streak "almost certain to end," and timing couldn't be worse Parents' 900 World War II love letters inspire playwright's latest work How a tool-sharing program could forge stronger neighborhoods Is Michigan the buckle of the euchre belt? Record-breaking warm weather in February "unusual, but not unprecedented"

Stateside 2.17.2017

Today, we hear from Michigan's own Frontier Ruckus in the next rendition of our " Songs from Studio East " series. And, we learn why, if rewritten, a travel ban could mean doctor shortages in rural Michigan.

Stateside 2.16.2017

On this "Day Without Immigrants," we hear from Michigan farmers who say a week without immigrants would "cripple us." And, now that home birth midwives are regulated in Michigan, we learn what that means for moms.

Stateside 2.15.2017

Motown's legacy eclipses a larger story about black music in Detroit. Today on Stateside , we unveil that history. We also speak with a Flint resident who says no matter what officials report, she won't drink or pay for the "disgusting" water.

Stateside 2.14.2017

Today on Stateside , we hear the attorney for alleged victims argue for a third-party investigation of MSU's handling of Dr. Larry Nassar. And, we learn why Valentines Day is not just for "gauzy romantic love that exists only on a Hallmark card."

Stateside 2.13.2017

Today on Stateside , U.S. Senator Gary Peters talks about the current climate in Washington, Russian sanctions, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Democratic resistance to the Trump administration's policies, and Peters' support of a missile defense base in Battle Creek.

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