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SENIOR MATTERS hosted by Diane Johnson, spotlights seniors in the community, representatives of senior services and programs and activities of interest to seniors. SENIOR MATTERS came into being in 2006 in response to the growing need for a voice that would speak to and for seniors in the Roaring Fork Valley. The valley offers a wonderful environment to live in, grow and grow older in. Statistics have proven that physical, mental and social activity plays a significant role in extending the life span of everyone in every age group. Recent surveys show that the average age for retirement, which used to be 64, today is now 70. Trends are changing - and it is only natural for our local aging population to enjoy and active lifestyle. The Carbondale community recognizes seniors as a valuable asset and provides the opportunity to contribute and expand their talents and knowledge.More from Senior Matters »

Most Recent Episodes

Senior Matters December 9, 2015

Today's guest is Mary Lilly 'Carbondale's Lady Centenarian.'

Senior Matters October 14, 2015

Diane talks to Jennifer Bouchet about advance health care directives for seniors.

Senior Matters September 9, 2015

Today's guest is Brent Herrala, RN who will talk about Alzheimer's.

Senior Matters August 12, 2015

Nancy Thal and John Fields talk about co-housing and building a shared living community.

Senior Matters July 8, 2015

Guest Steve Wells

Senior Matters June 10, 2015

This month's guest is Colin Laird from the 3rd Street Center in Carbondale.

Senior Matters May 13, 2015

Music and conversation with guest Mack Bailey.

Senior Matters April 8, 2015

More senior news with Diane Johnson. This time her guest is Elizabeth Worrell, volunteer coordinator for Garfield County's RSVP. Diane ends the show with a tribute to the late Ruth 'Ditty' Perry.

Senior Matters March 11, 2015

Guest Karen Barbee.

Senior Matters February 11, 2015

This month's guests are Heritage Park Care Centers Recreation Director Patrick Morden, Pam Robinson and John Owens.

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