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The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) develops leadership, multiculturalism and identity by providing training and opportunity to youth in community broadcasting. AZYEP gives voice to youth ideas, experiences and events. Over the past 11 years, our program has continued to provide transformational experiences for over 700 local youth, providing them with access to media education, broadcast journalism, technical training and production activities. Each month, we broadcast a youth public affairs show. Tune in the second Wednesday of each month.More from The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program »

Most Recent Episodes

AZYEP January 2015

Students from Roaring Fork High School's Model UN Club talk about their upcoming trip to the New York Model UN Conference and Bulgaria, the country they will be representing. The discuss why they are interested in politics and describe their fundraiser to help them pay for their trip.

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AZYEP December 2015

Adele talks to people who are doing cool things. Her guests are a high school student who is dual-enrolled in Colorado Mountain College classes, a teacher who incorporates project-based learning into her classes and a home-schooled teenager who is writing a novel.

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AZYEP November 2015

Kate talks about the new Ross Montessori school with her classmates, Ruthie, Lauren and Julia and Ross' Director of Development and Enrollment, Tricia Williams.

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AZYEP September 2015

Maija talks to Roaring Fork School District board member Karl Hanlon and Assistant Superintendent Shannon Pelland about Ballot Issue 3B, which is on the current ballot. Ballot Issue 3B is a proposed Bond Issue that would support upgrades to safety and security throughout the district and fund the building of a new K-8 school between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.

Healthy High School Habits

Maija Petterson interviews Maggie Riley and Garrett Peters, two Roaring Fork School District teachers about what it means to establish healthy habits in high school.

AZYEP July 2015

A down to earth conversation with three astrophysicists visiting the Aspen Science Center. Learn what an astrophysicist really is, what they know about dark matter and why there are really no stupid questions.

AZYEP June 2015

Peer mentors in AZYEP's summer workshop interview up and coming youth DJs about topics centered around life in the Roaring Fork Valley.

AZYEP April 2015

Students at Basalt High School talk about their school and a change they would like to see. They also share personal stories and discuss stereotypes portrayed in the media of women and Latina women. And, they talk to health coach Lisa Fountain about what it means to be 'healthy.'

AZYEP March 2015

Josh, is an AZYEP DJ and also a dedicated musician, talks to a couple other singer-songwriters, Dan Rosenthal and Morgan Williams, about their creative process and where they find inspiration. They also each perform a song live in the studio.

AZYEP February 2015

Adele Craft talks to Stacey Craft, Casie Buchanan, Evan Kefir and Miles Craft about homeschooling and the Roaring Fork Homeschool Network

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