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Geek Speak is KDNK's on-air computer help desk. Listeners call with tech-related questions and comments and our panel of three Geeks and a semi-geek usually provide helpful advice. Printer acting up? Wireless network on the fritz? Droid null and void? Call the Geeks on Mondays from 4:30-4:00 p.m. on the studio line at (970) 963-0139. Louie Girardot from Mountain Keyboard, Donna Dalton from the Mac Experts and Matt McBrair from Cursed Valley productions join KDNK's Steve Skinner every Monday afternoon at 4:30 for Geek Speak.More from Geek Speak »

Most Recent Episodes

Geek Speak August 22, 2016

Celebrate the Geeks today. Just because they're so geeky. Today's show features Steve, Louie, and Matt.

Geek Speak August 15, 2016

More from geeks Steve, Louis, and Matt. Get ready to GEEK!

Geek Speak August 8, 2016

The talented and good-looking geeks are back for another week of geek. Or something like that...

Geek Speak August 1, 2016

Steve, Louie, Matt, and Donna (live and in person)share their expertise. Steve says, 'Throw your phone in the toilet and take a walk!'

Geek Speak July 11, 2016

Steve, Louis, and Matt are back with more geeky frivolity.

Geek Speak June 27, 2016

Matt and Louie get seriously geeky today.

Geek Speak June 20, 2016

KDNK's Tech Talk Show

Geek Speak June 13, 2016

The geeky guys are back with guest Barry Cryer, talking about his new Tesla...and more!

Geek Speak June 6, 2016

The Geek gang is all here this week- Steve, Matt, Louie, Donna, and Modern Marty.

Geek Speak May 23, 2016

Modern Marty, Matt, and Louie talk Garfield County community broadband and more on this week's show.

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