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The Spark is WMRA's weekly look at a creative person in our area.More from The Spark »

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Martha Woodroof, The Spark's Final Guest

On this final episode of The Spark : Martha Woodroof agreed to sit down and discuss her life and career... in essence, to be the final guest on The Spark.

Rita Dove and Her Words

On this episode of The Spark : Rita Dove, former U.S. Poet Laureate and WMRA's December Books & Brews author, discusses her life, poetry and the sound of language.

Roller Derby and Religion

On this episode of The Spark : "Five Things the Church Can Learn from Women's Roller Derby" is a Kelly Figueroa-Ray essay for the Huffington Post . Religion-blogger Kelly Figueroa-Ray has a divinity degree from Wesley and also actually does do roller derby --under the rinkname Bible ThumpHer .

Telling Every Story

On this episode of The Spark : Martha talks with biographer Kate Buford about her new adventure into telling the stories of the worthy and the un-famous.

The Peace of the Reefs

On this episode of The Spark : Essayist and poet Greg Wrenn has been diving since he was a child growing up in Florida. His new nonfiction book will be what he describes as a, "literary time capsule," describing what it's like to dive amidst the astonishing biodiversity of the reefs of Indonesia's Raja Ampat Archipelago . He wants to write the book, Greg says, because he expects the still-pristine reefs to begin to deteriorate in the next twenty years.

Cooking Up a Murder Mystery

On this episode of The Spark : Martha speaks with Mollie Cox Bryan, who has gone from pies to murder... at least in her writing. Mollie Cox Bryan , the author of several Mrs. Rowe's cookbooks, now writes mysteries.

Say What?!?

On this episode of The Spark : Martha speaks with Books & Brews author, Chuck McCutcheon, who has worked in Washington for 21 years and has turned himself into an expert on decoding political speak.

A Poet's Life After Cancer

On this episode of The Spark : Charlotte Matthew's talks about her third collection of poems, Whistle What Can't Be Said .

A Lens to the Heavens

On this episode of The Spark : Martha Woodroof learns more about astrophotography from college senior Daniel Stein. Daniel loves nothing better than spending entire nights photographing the night sky. Daniel Stein's website

Into IT

On this episode of The Spark : Waynesboro's Ian MacRae was a bit of a computer wunderkind. He began his first computer business while he was still in high school. Twenty years later EN Computers employs 22 people and has clients all over Virginia.

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