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No Opposition

Church and State isn't a political play, it's a play about politics.

An Essential Black, and Blue, Comedy

One of the Nice Ones is a dark black comedy that's not for the faint of heart. It's a nasty play with nasty language — but it's essential.

Taming the Ramones

In 1978 what the ramones needed was a major hit. What they got was Phil Spector and a gun. That's the back story of John Ross Bowie's Four Chords and a Gun.

Lost Soles

If your shoes could talk, what would they say? Now imagine that they've been witness to the last half century of atrocities in Poland.

A Soulful Trip to the Beach

If I had to sum the play up, it's a bit like Chekhov decided to write a science fiction fantasy play with a bunch of asides set today on the the tip of Long Island.

An Uncertain Future

Listening to Ibsen's classic Hedda Gabler at Antaeus Theatre Company, I was struck by unexpected resonances from a play I thought I knew.

The Sole of Satire

Honky is a razor-sharp satire about race in America and what it means to sell white suburban youth black culture and what happens to all of us along the way.

That's a Good Trick

"In & Of Itself", Derek DelGaudio's one man magic show, is exciting as much for the magic in the audience as the tricks onstage.

A Play to Argue Over

It's easy to see why Disgraced won the Pulitzer Prize. It's also easy to see why American Theater magazine identified it as the most produced play of last season.

The Revelation in Repetition

There aren't a lot of plays that reward a second viewing. The Day Shall Declare It does.

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