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War at Viacom

As the Sumner Redstone saga continues, a battle ensues for the future of the media company, which includes Paramount, MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

At the Broadcast Upfronts, What's Old Is New Again

Even in the face of a changing television industry, the broadcast networks are still the biggest game in town. Advertisers will do more than $9 billion worth of business at this year's upfront presentations in New York.

Woody Allen Is Topic du Jour at Cannes

At Cannes, talk of Woody Allen's new movie is overshadowed by drama around a reignited scandal.

DreamWorks Animation Bought by NBCUniversal for $3.8 Billion

Jeffrey Katzenberg's long slog to find a buyer for the company he co-founded is finally over.

In a Bid to Gain More Viewers, MTV Goes Back to Its Roots

Does anyone still want their MTV? The network is hoping that by featuring more music, news and game shows, like in days of yore, they'll be able to boost flagging ratings.

News from CinemaCon: That's A Lot of 'Avatars'

The CinemaCon gathering for movie theater owners used to be a small event. But now that it has a much larger platform via the media and Internet, studios use it as an opportunity to show off their upcoming slates.

Disney's Succession Plan Now Up in the Air

A year ago, top Disney executive Bob Iger announced that Thomas Staggs would be his heir apparent. Now, Staggs says he's stepping down, leaving everyone to wonder what happened, and who will take his place.

Looking at the State of WME-IMG Post Merger

Matthew Belloni recently spoke to super agents Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell for a piece in the Hollywood Reporter. Kim Masters talks to Belloni about that conversation, which is the first interview Emanuel and Whitesell have given on the topic of the talent agency's $2.4 billion merger with IMG two years ago.

Warner Bros Needs a Super Success in 'Batman v Superman'

So far, critics are not crazy for Zach Snyder's movie that pits the two super heroes against each other. This could be trouble for Warner Bros. The company needs this very expensive movie to be a hit following a year of flops.

Sean Parker Wants to Bring New Movies to Your Living Room

The Internet mogul has some big name directors backing his $50-per-movie plan, but movie theater owners are not so hot on the idea.

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