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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Dan Gill delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.More from Bayou Garden »

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Repeat flowering roses want some pruning

Early February is an excellent time to prune repeat flowering roses. And now is the time to get this done if you haven't pruned them already. Repeat flo...

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Approach tree pruning with the future in mind

Virtually all trees in our landscapes will need to be pruned during their lives, particularly in the first two decades after planting. Sometimes a tree...

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Get your Southern Magnolia into the ground now

January and February are excellent months to plant trees in Louisiana. If you're thinking about adding shade trees, small spring or summer flowering...

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Consider starting your own transplants

These days, gardeners mostly purchase vegetable transplants at local nurseries for their spring plantings. Wonderful transplants of vegetables like toma...

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Mulch is your friend as you fight weeds in the winter

It would be nice to think we could take the winter off from worrying about weeds in our landscapes. Unfortunately, there are many weeds that thrive in...

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Winter is the time for lettuce

Cool days and chilly nights are just the kind of weather lettuce enjoys. Lettuce is a vegetable that is so easy to grow, and delicious, that any gardene...

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Winter is a slower time in the garden

The pace of things tends to slow down this time of the year in the garden. Although we may continue to plant, prepare beds, harvest winter vegetables,...

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A good year for citrus in Louisiana

Citrus growers in Louisiana have produced an excellent crop of sweet, delicious fruit this year. The citrus industry in Louisiana is known for growing...

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Choose the right tree for your holiday

Christmas trees are an important part of holiday celebrations for many people. Decide beforehand where you're going to display your tree, so you'll...

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Forget spring; Fall is the time to plant

If you've ever visited a nursery in the spring on the weekend, you're bound to see a parking lot full of cars, and a nursery full of shoppers.Spring...

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