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Cherry Farmers Wrestle with Invasive Fruit Fly

A pesky insect that loves to invade fruit has found its way to northern Michigan's cherry orchards. Scientists have had their eye on spotted wing drosophila since it arrived in the U.S. from Asia in 2008. The bug has quickly spread across the country after wreaking havoc on cherries in California. Now northern Michigan cherry growers are trying to mobilize against the pest before it's too late.

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State's Instructions for Sampling Drinking Water for Lead "Not Best Practice"

The Flint water crisis has uncovered all kinds of details about how cities test the safety of their drinking water. In particular, critics say the state is giving bad advice on testing drinking water for lead.

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Response Team Identifies Part of Mystery Cargo on Sunken Barge in Lake Erie

The Coast Guard has been responding to a leaky shipwreck on the bottom of western Lake Erie. The shipwreck is believed to be the Argo. It's a tank barge that sank in 1937 and it's considered the biggest pollution threat from a shipwreck in the Great Lakes.

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Snowy Owls Visiting Early From the North

Snowy owls are doing some unusual things again this year. The last two winters, people in Michigan saw a lot of them. There were big migrations of owls called irruptions – that's when they fly south from their breeding grounds in the Arctic. This year, researchers don't expect those big numbers again, but they are surprised by how early owls are arriving.

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Expert Says Michigan Officials Changed a Flint Lead Report to Avoid Federal Action

One of the more troubling charges made against the state is that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality knowingly dropped lead test samples to avoid exceeding a federal drinking water standard. Mark Brush looks into it.

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