Speaking of Pets

Speaking of Pets

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Speaking of Pets with Mindy Norton is for people who care about pets and about humane treatment for animals in general, and who want to celebrate that special relationship between us and our animal companions. On Alabama Public Radio Saturdays at 8:59 a.m. (2 minutes).More from Speaking of Pets »

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Spay Day 2017

This momma cat's litter may seem small, but it's the start of something that could become overwhelming when you start counting possible future litters. Spaying the Momma Cat will go a long way toward helping to stem the tide of pet overpopulation.

Westminster's Rumor Is #1

Rumor is only the second German Shepherd to win Best in Show at Westminster. The last time her breed took top prize was thirty years ago in 1987. In fact, the two German Shepherds are the only winners ever from the Herding Group. ***************************

Healthy Teeth - Healthy Pet

Dogs - especially certain breeds - have a natural smile, but all pets can benefit from having healthy teeth and gums. It not only makes them look better, they feel better, too. And that makes everybody smile! **************

Super Bowl Pets

Most pet owners know not to let their furry friends have chocolate, grapes, raisins, anything with onion or garlic, and anything that contains the artificial sweetner Xylitol. But some of our favorite game day snacks can harm our pets in unexpected ways. Keeping our four-footed family members safe will make for a better day for everyone! *********************

Cat Show

If you think all cats are alike, one visit to a cat show will suprise you. These feline friends come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and personalities, but each one has the potential to be a great pet if it just has the chance. ********************

Train Your Dog Month

Training a dog is all about communication between you and your furry friend. It gives your pet an understanding about what you expect. Because a dog has a desire to please its pack leader (you), knowing the rules and boundaries makes for a happy dog and a happy owner! **************************

Dog Flu

Canine influenza - or dog flu - is a highly contagious virus transmitted to a healthy dog from an infected animal that is coughing or sneezing, or by contact with contaminated bowls, leashes, bedding, even toys used by an infected pet. ********************

Brrrr! Is Your Best Friend Cold?

Some pets can handle wintry conditions better than others, but even pets that stay outdoors most of the time need shelter, a place where they can curl up and be protected from low temperatures, wind, and rain, snow and sleet. ***************************

Happy New Year's Eve

As you enter the New Year, remember who or what helped make the old year special. Your furry companion is there to share the good times - and even the times that are not so good. So if you make resolutions, make some that will benefit both of you and help to make the new year truly happy! ************************

The Animals at the Manger

Christmas is a time for caring and sharing - especially with our family and friends. And it all began over two thousand years ago! *******************

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