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Central Standard is a daily radio show that explores what really matters to the people in the Kansas City area. We tell the stories of our city and region from the bottom up and through the perspective of individuals. We are an inclusive forum that explores art, ideas and how the news affects lives and communities.More from Central Standard »

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One Kansas City Police Officer's Take On Police-Community Relations In KC

Amidst rising tensions between law enforcement and communities of color across the nation, Black Lives Matter supporters joined forces with the Wichita Police for a cookout last weekend. What was originally planned as a protest turned into a picnic, where over 1,000 community members came together for food and dance. "It wasn't about officers dancing, it wasn't about the food, it was about the issues we're trying to address within this community," Wichita community organizer AJ Bohannon said. "It was really genuinely only the first step in a long journey ahead of us." Here in Kansas City, Chato Villalobos, a Latino officer with the KCPD, hopes that Kansas City can start, and continue to have that same conversation. "Not just talk, but action plans," Villalobos told host Matthew Long-Middleton on KCUR's Central Standard. "We have a long ways to go." Villalobos reflected on a storied history of racial injustice in Kansas City, like title deeds and racially restrictive covenants, and how

One Kansas City Police Officer's Take On Police-Community Relations In KC

Food Critics: The Best Burgers In Kansas City In 2016

Whether it's thin and crispy or thick and juicy, the burger is a great blank slate for all sorts of toppings and flavors. And don't forget veggie burgers; in this meat-friendly town, it's entirely possible to find a hearty and satisfying meatless patty. From the greasy to the gourmet, KCUR's Food Critics search out the best burgers — and sides that aren't fries — in Kansas City. Here are their recommendations: Jenny Vergara, Feast Magazine: The Burger Stand at The Casbah in Lawrence. If you are looking for a classic beef burger, it does not get any better than the Kobe burger. It's made with American Kobe beef, pickled red onions, truffle butter and tomato-aioli sauce.If veggie burgers are more your thing, The Burger Stand has a marvelous selection: The romesco (lentil patty with feta cheese, toasted almonds, green beans and roasted red pepper sauce); the black bean (jalapeño pepper-jack cheese and roasted poblano salsa); the Spicy Shiitake (a shiitake and cremini mushroom patty topped


From greasy to gourmet, the burger is an American classic. We chat with a chef who spent a lot of time developing his veggie burger recipe, then KCUR's Food Critics search out the best burgers (and sides that aren't fries) in KC. Guests: Craig Howard, Howard's Grocery, Cafe and CateringCharles Ferruzza, The PitchMary Bloch, Around the BlockJenny Vergara, Feast Magazine

Yes You Are

An excerpt from Ghost Notes, a new music podcast in KC. Host Hannah Copeland talks with local band Yes You Are. Guests: Kianna AlaridJared White

Running For Gold

We check in with a former UMKC runner who is headed to Rio for the Olympics. Guest: Courtney Frerichs

Breaking Bread

Last weekend in Wichita, a peaceful protest in support of Black Lives Matter turned into a community picnic with the police. How are we making similar efforts here in Kansas City? Guests: A.J. Bohannon, activist in WichitaChato Villalobos, KCMO police officer and poet

Gather Around

Hordes of storytellers from around the world are descending on Kansas City over the next few days for the National Storytelling Conference. How do we craft better stories and why does the way we tell stories matter? We find out why this ancient art is still in vogue today. Plus, a story from last February's Flame KC event. Guests: Lillian Rodrigues Pang, professional storytellerMolly Catron, professional storytellerMike Rice, local playwrightMike Russo, KCURThe National Storytelling Conference starts July 21 at the Marriott on the Plaza. Mike Rice's play, John and Leslie Are in the Copy Room Again, will be at the Fringe Festival, July 22-30.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokémon Go has taken Kansas City by storm. As Pokémon pop up around us, we chat about how video games have changed us, and we discuss the distinction between virtual reality and augmented reality. Then we let our guests and listeners get back to their quests to "catch 'em all." Guests: Chris Suellentrop, journalist, host of the podcast "Shall We Play A Game"Andy Limpic, Generation Listen KCSteve Biegun, organizer, Kansas City Virtual Reality Meetup

Broadcast Legend Steve Bell

Yesterday, we lost an esteemed colleague and friend here at KCUR. Steve Bell, our afternoon newscaster, collapsed on the job and passed away in the afternoon of July 18. We take some time to share memories of Steve. Guests: Dan Verbeck, retired KCUR reporterPatty Cahill, former KCUR general manager

Screentime: Ghostbusters

In 1984, Ghostbusters was the top-grossing comedy of all time ... and a cultural phenomenon. (Remember those "I've been slimed" T-shirts?) We review the new version, along with the legacy of the original. Plus, we hear some of Kansas City's ghost stories. Guests: Ron Megee, local actor/director/playwright; shares a house with two ghostsBeth Brownback, Elite Paranormal of Kansas CityBeth Kornegay, tour guide, Ghost Tours of KansasRuss Simmons, KCUR movie critic

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