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Central Standard is a daily radio show that explores what really matters to the people in the Kansas City area. We tell the stories of our city and region from the bottom up and through the perspective of individuals. We are an inclusive forum that explores art, ideas and how the news affects lives and communities.More from Central Standard »

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Food Critics: The Best Dough-Wrapped Dishes In Kansas City

It seems as if nearly every culture has some version of dumplings: a sweet or savory filling surrounded by dough and either fried, boiled, steamed or baked. They're inexpensive, tasty and versatile; they can be served on their own with a dipping sauce or in soup ... or in some cases, with the soup inside the dumpling. "Every culture really enjoys something doughy, and I think it's that carb-y lift that we get from it," Food Critic Jill Silva told guest host Brian Ellison on KCUR's Central Standard. Our Food Critics checked out the dumplings of the world — and uncovered the best dough-wrapped dishes in and around KC. Here are their recommendations: Mary Bloch, Around the Block: Pupusas are made with a corn-flour dough and stuffed with pork, ground beef, cheese, beans. They're similar to a quesadilla, but you don't see the filling until you cut into it. El Salvadoreno and El Pulgarcito both have excellent pupusas. They are served with curtido, a vinegary slaw with onions and jalapeño (the

Dough With Filling

From empanadas to samosas and dumplings (and dessert versions), our Food Critics search out the best dough-wrapped dishes in and around KC. Plus, an interview about Nepalese dumplings live from the Ethnic Enrichment Festival, a primer on kolaches and how love led one restaurant owner to KC, where she serves up Jamaican patties. Guests: Charles Ferruzza, The IndependentMary Bloch, Around the BlockJill Silva, The Kansas City StarNiranjan Shrestha, main cook, Nepal booth, 2016 Ethnic Enrichment FestivalNina Hajda, Czech and Slovak commissioner, 2016 Ethnic Enrichment FestivalBeverly Dorsee, owner, Island Spice Caribbean

Bass Note

An excerpt from Ghost Notes, a new music podcast in KC. Host Hannah Copeland talks with local bassist and composer Jeff Harshbarger. Guest: Jeff Harshbarger

Brave New World

We explore why the world of science fiction is a battleground for issues of race, gender and identity — and why that field of battle is here in KC over the next few days at the World Science Fiction Convention. Guests: Christine Taylor-Butler, science fiction and children's book authorAnthony Sze-Fai Shiu, Associate Professor, UMKC Department of English

The View From Here

KC's Brazilian community has been watching the Olympics in Rio with the rest of us, but through a particular lens of pride ... and concern. We talk to some local Brazilian expats to hear what they think of the Olympics — and how Brazil is being portrayed. Guests: Carolina Shank, KC resident from RioOtavio Silva, local resident from BrazilLiana Marti Perez, local resident who is at the Olympics


How are Kansas City's athletes doing at the Rio Olympics? KCUR's sports reporter gives us an update. Guest: Greg Echlin, KCUR sports reporter

Kansas City Composer Mark Hayes Makes Music For The World

Mark Hayes's musical career started with a decision: piano lessons or band instrument? He was going to grade school in Normal, Illinois, and his school offered lessons. Since he had three siblings, his parents said that they could afford to pay for either one or the other. He chose the piano, and, as he said, he never looked back. "I just loved doing it," he told guest host Brian Ellison on KCUR's Central Standard. "I started playing in church when I was 13, and that kind of got me into that whole scene." Now he's a prolific composer of choral music. His music has been performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to church lofts by choirs big and small. He has more than a thousand works to his name, many of which he's cranked out from his Midtown home. After playing in church through high school, he attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he majored in piano performance. Halfway through his degree program, though, he had second thoughts about his major. "I

Follow The Thread (R)

A former contestant on Project Runway: Junior discusses how his upbringing in Minneapolis, Kansas influences his creations — and how his design aesthetic is geared towards "BA women who want to look glamorous." In this encore presentation of Central Standard, we revisit our conversation with teenage fashion designer Jaxson Metzler. Guest: Jaxson Metzler, former contestant, Project Runway: Junior

Mad Hatter

Hats may not seem like the cutting edge of fashion, but one Brookside milliner is drawing international attention nevertheless. We invite Kansas City's own Amina Hood to share the personal story of her craft. Guest: Amina Hood, owner Amina Marie Millinery

Screentime: Stranger Things

It's the new Netfilx series that's winning audiences by invoking the 1980s ... and by freaking us out. We talk about the appeal of Stranger Things, along with our nostalgia for the music and films of three decades ago. Guests: Natalie C. Parker, author of young adult books Beware the Wild and Behold the BonesJoshua Hoffine, horror photographerRuss Simmons, resident film critic

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