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How Wines and Ciders Immigrated To The United States

It's a well-known saying that America is a melting pot, and with each wave of immigrants, more tradition, foods and other things made their way into the...

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In The Can

Green bean casserole is specifically a staple of the rural Midwest. What characterizes Midwestern cuisine, and how did it come about that a food...

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Alone Together

Co-working is a new and growing trend nationwide, and Kansas City is home to eleven co-work studios. Does this model reflect the future of work? Guest:...

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University-Made Roundup Ready Seeds Ready For Market

After the patent on one of the most popular versions of genetically engineered soybeans expired this year, U.S. universities are creating new generic...

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Green Bean Casserole Is A Midwestern Holiday Classic Born Back East

Move over turkey. Step aside stuffing. Green Bean Casserole, an iconic Thanksgiving dish, turns 60 years old this year and it's as popular as ever. Love...

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Kansas Rep. Susan Concannon and Rep. Don Hill

Republican Kansas Rep. Susan Concannon and Rep. Don Hill provide an insider perspective on the Kansas Legislature as we discuss their removal from the...

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Leawood-Based Startup 'Blooom' Riding High After A Busy Year

It's been a big year for Blooom, the Leawood, Kansas, based finance-tech company. In addition to taking home a $50,000 grant from LaunchKC during...

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Bob Marcusse Retires From KCADC After 25 Years

For the last 25 years, Bob Marcusse has been at the helm of the Kansas City Area Development Council. We look back on his career and talk about how the...

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Screentime: Spectre

The cars, the exotic locations, the action scenes, the gadgets, the women ... even the most casual moviegoer is familiar with the world of James Bond. But...

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Despite Whites Moving In And Blacks Moving Out, Kansas City Still Isn't Very Integrated

Demographic shifts in the Kansas City metropolitan area tell us the suburbs are becoming more diverse, while downtown has seen an influx of white people...

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