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Missouri Sen. Ryan Silvey

Missouri Sen. Ryan Silvey (R-Kansas City) provides an insider perspective on the Missouri General Assembly as we discuss the urban versus rural divide,...

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Food Critics: The Best Italian Food In Kansas City

Italian food isn't just pasta in red sauce or hearty slabs of lasagna. From fish that's served very simply to bucatini alla gricia (pasta with pork jowl...

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Classical Music Inspired By Love... And Heartbreak

Ah, love. Many musicians have been inspired by it — whether or not their stories had a happy ending. As we gear up for the most romantic day of the year...

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'The Reason For Flowers'

Valentine's Day is approaching and many Americans will gift flowers to their partners as a romantic gesture. But when did roses become a symbol of...

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'Over The Top' — Does On-Demand Spell The End Of Traditional Cable?

Super Bowl 50 is this weekend, and everyone can watch it on network TV. But how will we be watching the Super Bowl ten or twenty years from now? Guest:...

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Love, Home And Danger On The Set Of 'The Diary Of Anne Frank'

In the 1930s and 1940s, many Jews in Europe lived in fear — or in hiding — from the Nazis. A cramped attic in Amsterdam served as a makeshift home for...

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A Long And Contentious Week For Education In The Kansas Legislature

There seems to be a growing tenseness over the future of education in Kansas. The fight last year over block grant funding was hardball and, at times, ...

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The Genius Of Émilie Du Châtelet

The Enlightenment was a time marked by logical thought and a questioning of traditional authority. Among the great male minds of this period were some n...

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The Battle For Kansas Courts Continues

Kansas courts are staying open. At least, that's what it looks like now that Kansas lawmakers have sent a bill to Governor Brownback to repeal the porti...

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Nice And Safe?

In the wake of another round of layoffs at Sprint, we explore if there's such as thing as a "safe" job in Kansas City. Plus, a local entrepreneur...

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