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Stephanie Witt Talks Urbanization and Cultural Conflict In The Great Basin

With 70 percent of its land owned by the federal government, the Great Basin is known as America's last frontier. It's home to ghost towns, endless sage...

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"The Rise of the Robots" With Author Martin Ford

Imagine a world where you are driven to work by a driverless car, your morning news is written by a computer, and your lunch is prepared by a robot. In ...

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Author Mary Pilon Shares The Fascinating History Of "Monopoly"

Those of us who grew up playing the board game "Monopoly" likely remember the thrill of landing on an up-for-grabs Boardwalk or Park Place, and buying t...

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Leon Panetta On His Life As A Public Servant And Finding Osama Bin Laden

Leon Panetta's long service to our country is surely unique in the number of incredibly high level and tough assignments he has held and held to acclaim...

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Rod Gramer's "The Good Assassin" Tackles Issues Of A Rising Surveillance State

"Three shots. That's all it takes to change the course of American history." Those lines are from Rod Gramer's thriller, "The Good Assassin." The novel...

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Author Peter Carlson Writes A Book On A Civil War Odyssey

History books are full of stories about the dangers and deprivations endured by soldiers who fought in the Civil War. What may be less well known are...

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The Sinking Of The Lusitania In 1915 And The Effect On WWI

On May 1st, 1915, crowds lined New York's harbor to bid farewell to nearly 2,000 family, friends and crew aboard the world's fastest civilian liner —...

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A.J. Baime On American Industry And "The Arsenal Of Democracy" of WWII

When Germany invaded its European neighbors in 1940, the United States was a long ways from being prepared. The country's military resources had been...

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An Exploratory Trip To The Arctic in 1879 As Described By Author Hampton Sides

This interview was originally broadcast in July, 2015 On July 8th, 1879, the USS Jeannette left San Francisco and sailed northward toward uncharted...

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"The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving" By Jonathan Evison

This is an encore of this interview which was first aired in March of 2015. Jonathan Evison's novel, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving , is an...

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