No Limits No Limits, is the new weekly public affairs program on WFYI Public Radio. Hosted by John Krull, director of Franklin College's Pulliam School of Journalism, this local program will focus on the news stories of the week and the hot topics of concern to Central Indiana residents.
No Limits

No Limits

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No Limits, is the new weekly public affairs program on WFYI Public Radio. Hosted by John Krull, director of Franklin College's Pulliam School of Journalism, this local program will focus on the news stories of the week and the hot topics of concern to Central Indiana residents.More from No Limits »

Most Recent Episodes

The Reformation

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of The Reformation, which changed Christianity and its culture forever. Following up on a new Pew Research report, we talk faith - and good works - with our guests: Father Rick Ginther, current pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis;Rev. Nathan Wilson, communications director for the Christian Theological Seminary; and returning guest Robert Saler, the executive director of CTS's Center for Pastoral Excellence.

Urban/Rural Divide

The differences between urban and rural life in Indiana aren't just cultural, they're also economic and educational. They can also be very wide. In this episode, No Limits is joined by Indiana University McKinney Law and State Govt Fellows Kinjal Dave and Christina Fisher. They've taken a deep dive on state government's role in bridging the urban/rural divide and will share what it could mean to Indiana's future.

Annual Indiana Conference for Women

From an entrepreneurial pitch competition to networking to the always-anticipated keynote speech, the events of the annual Indiana Conference for Women draws attendees from around the Midwest. On this episode of No Limits, conference co-founders Billie Dragoo and Deborah Collins Stephens talk about what's new for the popular event this year, the diversity of guest speakers, and yes, Diane Keaton.

Gun Access in America

Ten days after the mass shooting of Las Vegas concert goers by gunman Stephen Paddock, investigators are still trying to determine his motivation. Meanwhile the intricacies of gun control and the over-arching question of gun access in America are again hot topics of conversation. Today on No Limits, join our conversation with Indiana legislator Jim Lucas, R - Seymour; Indiana University Professor Jody Madeira of the Maurer School of Law; and Pierre Atlas, professor of political science at Marian University.

Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach

In America, we would never consider a 9- or 10-year-old a "head of household," but it' not unrealistic in Swaziland where HIV/AIDS claims many adults and children are left to raise themselves. In this edition of No Limits, find out how you can help as we connect with Indianapolis-based Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO). The work that starts here may enlighten and surprise you. Our guests are SOHO Founder and CEO Cynthia Prime; internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman; and Dr. Dawn Batson, who is piloting an intervention program with steel drums in Indianapolis.

PreEnactIndy Live Theater Event

You may have heard of a RE-enactment, but what about a PRE-enactment? This weekend a live theater event called PreEnactIndy will take place over three city blocks on the Indianapolis near Northside. The collaborative production will envision what the performance area along 16th Street could be like one day. Today on No Limits, our guests are Joanna Taft, executive director of the Harrison Center for the Arts & producer of PreEnactIndy; Bonnie Mill, artistic director at the The Sapphire Theatre Co. & director of PreEnactIndy; and Ron Lovett, a neighbor in the Monon 16 neighborhood.

Central Library's 100th Anniversary

In the 21st century, libraries work harder than ever to stay relevant to their communities, and the Indianapolis Public Library is no exception. Today on No Limits we'll learn more about the Library's new Center for Black Literature and Culture as well as how the Central Library's 100th anniversary will be celebrated. Our guests are Mike Williams, Central Library Manager and a 35 year Indy Library employee; Nichelle Hayes, Special Collections Librarian who's overseeing the establishment of the Center for Black Literature and Culture; and Pat Payne, member of The Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees.

Court Ordered Mental Health Assessments

No Limits, in partnership with Side Effects Public Media, discusses mental health assessments for judicial proceedings. What happens when a doctor fails to perform the duties on which the judicial system and the person before the court rely? Public media reporter Steve Burger joins us to discuss his reporting of just such a case, in which the elements involving the doctor are the ones stretching belief. Other experts include former Chief Justice Randall Shepard and Dr. George Parker of the IU Department of Psychiatry.

The Moving Forward Program

Today on No Limits, we take a deep look at the Moving Forward program. Initially designed to strategically alleviate the cost burdens of housing and transportation for low-income residents while simultaneously incorporating energy efficiency, Moving Forward now has the potential to help break the generational poverty cycle for many Hoosier families. Our guests are Paul Mitchell of Energy Systems Network; Gary Hobbs of BWI; and Jake Sipe of the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

Author Mark Tabb

New York Times best-selling author Mark Tabb on his newest book, Convicted: A Crooked Cop, an Innocent Man, and an Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness and Friendship. Tabb, of central Indiana, brings another true story reflecting headlines. "It deals with the racial divide that runs between predominantly white police departments and the black community, with a little of the corrupting influence of the war on drugs upon those who fight it."

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