StoryCorps Tampa Bay Stories from the StoryCorps booth's visit to Tampa Bay.
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StoryCorps Tampa Bay

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Stories from the StoryCorps booth's visit to Tampa Bay.More from StoryCorps Tampa Bay »

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"Is it Hard Getting Old?"

This installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay is the final one of the series that started in May 2014. As we sunset this vast collection of local stories, what more appropriate conversation to have is there than one about aging? John Hoopes asks his dad, Ray Hoopes, the tough questions on aging starting with, "Is it hard to get old?"


Kyesha Robinson asks her mother, Rene Robinson-Flowers about her childhood-- being a St. Petersburg native. She also asks her mother what it was like to go through school during the start of integration. The riots at Dixie High School happened in 1971 over bringing down the Confederate flag and removing it as an unofficial symbol of the school.

StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Childhood Innocence

In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, Cora Royal tells her friend Clarice Pennington about her childhood—her favorite memory and the experience of segregation in St. Petersburg.

StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Escape

In this installment, we hear from mother and daughter, Lucia and Alma Ayala, about the day Lucia decided to leave her abusive husband and travel with four little kids from Connecticut to Miami, Florida. Alma shares with her mom what that trip was like for her as a little girl, and the imprint it left on her.


In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, Michael and Amy Facundo tell the story of how they met at a high school football game, and how their love grew out of the sacrifices they've had to make for each other.

Gradual Love

In this installment, Ann Roberts asks her mother, Doris Bowen about her late husband and Ann's father—Jim Elmer Bowen. Bowen talks about her late husband in terms of gradual love, high blood pressure and motorcycle adventures.

Fighting For the Underdogs

In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, friends Cory Adler and Alizza Punzalan-Randle talk about diversity. Punzalan-Randle is Filipino-American and she shares one particular incident where she had to come to terms with what that meant.

Classroom Lessons

In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, Gail Diederich tells us about one of her early lessons in life. Diederich went on to be a school teacher but she learned a lesson about compassion when she was just a student in the first grade.

Brothers & Buddies

In this installment, brothers Joshua and Zachary who were 12 and 15 years old last year, respectfully, stopped by the Storycorps booth last year to talk about their childhoods and each of their plans for when they grow up.

Coming Home

In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, James Cole tells his wife Renet Cole a few of the happiest moments of his life including the time he returned home from the Vietnam War. Cole could have skipped out on the draft as his younger brother was in the army but Cole decided to stay.

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