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Winning Wedding Toasts

At this point in your life, you've sat through enough wedding toasts to know the good from the bad. So why are you still hearing so many cringe-inducing toasts that make the bride blush and send the parents of the groom ducking for cover?

Perspectives On The EB-5 Scandal

Debate continues over what state officials knew when about the alleged EB-5 fraud in the Northeast Kingdom. Four guests join us today to discuss the situation.

When We Were Dry: Vermont Prohibition

Vermont prides itself on being out in front on a lot of issues. That includes prohibition, which was enacted in 1852, 70 years before the federal law prohibiting the sale of alcohol. Vermont's temperance lasted until 1902.

Talking About Race And Racism In Vermont

A spotlight has been put on discussions of race and racism in our country as headlines fill with news of more violence - killings of black men by police, and recently the killing of police officers themselves in Dallas and Baton Rouge. We're focusing in on the conversations we need to have about race here in our own state, and how we can move forward.

Construction Continues As Gas Pipeline Remains Controversial

Even as it's under construction, the natural gas pipeline in Addison County continues to draw criticism for its price tag and environmental impact. Monday on Vermont Edition, we talk with Don Rendall, the president and CEO of Vermont Gas, and with one of the pipeline's top critics, AARP Vermont State Director Greg Marchildon.

Fore: The State Of Golf In The State

On around 60 plots of land in Vermont, you'll see rolling fairways, rippling swales and manicured berms. They are Vermont's golf courses. But the number of golfers in the state is dropping. Many people only get to see a golf course when they get to hike or cross country ski on those greenswards in the winter months.

Really Fake: Vt. Author Details What's Actually In Your Food

Vermont foodies will argue that it's worth paying a higher price for premium food products. But even then, how do you know that what's promised on the label is what you're actually getting?

Sanders' Endorsement Of Clinton: Reactions And Impacts

On Tuesday morning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made an announcement that many people have been waiting for. He endorsed rival Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

If And When To Have Kids: How Vermonters Are Deciding

Last year, fewer babies were born in Vermont than any other year since before the Civil War. How do Vermonters decide if and when to have kids?

Refugees In Rutland?

Refugees from war-torn Syria wait in camps for permanent homes. One of the places being consider is Rutland, Vermont.But the debate over whether to accept 100 Syrian refugees there has divided the city between those ready to welcome them and those who have serious misgivings about the move.

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