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Vermont School Choice 101

Ask a roomful of Vermonters to explain school choice and you will probably get several different answers depending on where they're from. If they hail from two different school choice or "tuitioning" towns, they could have varying rules. And if they come from a town without school choice, they might not even understand what you're talking about.

'Girl Rising': How Education Helps Girls Overcome Poverty, Discrimination

You know the story of Malala Yousafzai , a Pakistani girl who was almost assassinated for advocating for girls' education, and who later won a Nobel Peace Prize for efforts. But a new book by Vermont writer reminds us there are millions of Malalas in the world, and the barriers to their education are profound. On the next Vermont Edition we talk with Tanya Lee Stone about her book, Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl A Time , which explores the impact that girls' education in developing countries has on the health and economic outcomes of girls themselves and their communities. Stone's book is a companion to the 2013 film Girl Rising . Stone will also be speaking about the book at Phoenix Books in Burlington on Thursday, March 9. More information available here. Also, a recount in the Vermont Legislature. On Wednesday morning, a panel of lawmakers will begin a second recount of ballots cast in the Orange-1 legislative district. The results of that election gave Republican

'Girl Rising': How Education Helps Girls Overcome Poverty, Discrimination

Welcome To Canada: Seeking Asylum In The North

Some people in the U.S. who are worried about changes in policy are making their way to the Canadian border to seek asylum. And they've had to cross the border into Canada illegally.

Making A Case For Science When Trust Is In Short Supply

Is our country losing faith in science? Can scientists stick up for the value of the scientific method — and its place in society — without being sucked into politicized debate and partisan squabbles?

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman On Vermont Edition

Knee deep into the second month of the Legislature's new biennium, a number of key issues have emerged in Montpelier.

Montpelier Takes On Immigration Orders; Eric Miller Exits; Choreographer Moses Pendleton

We'll hear the latest on how lawmakers in Montpelier are responding to President Trump's orders on immigration. Plus, an exit interview with former U.S. Attorney Eric Miller, and a conversation with Vermont-raised choreographer Moses Pendleton.

Montpelier Takes On Immigration Orders; Eric Miller Exits; Choreographer Moses Pendleton

Battling Bullying And Harassment

When they rank states with the biggest bullying problems, Vermont is safely near the bottom: 44th out of 46 states on the list. And bullying in Vermont schools has remained relatively flat over the past four years. So what's the problem?

Winter Book Show: What Are Your Reading Recommendations?

In the midst of the cold weather and sometimes dreary days of winter, there is a certain appeal to curling up with a good book and getting lost in its pages for a little while.

Coyote Hunting Spurs Debate Over Ethics And Ecology

Debate keeps raging over coyote hunting in Vermont — both about the ethics and the impact on the local ecosystem.

A Different Look At Legalization

Last year, a marijuana legalization bill that would have set up a big state regulatory system similar to Colorado's failed. And many thought legalization would be put on the shelf for a while. But new legislation being discussed at the State House would allow for personal possession, modeled after the law used by Washington, D.C.

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