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Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch of Marketplace, the public radio business show, makes complicated financial concepts easy to understand in this entertaining, informative video series.More from APM: Marketplace Whiteboard »

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Why dark pools became a bad dream for European banks

Regulators are going after the private exchange operations of European banks.

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Explaining the stock split: Some financial gymnastics

In the end, stock splits are all about making shares more appealing to investors.

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The difference between debt and deficit: An explainer

A lot of people confuse the words debt and deficit. They're not quite the same.

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What the heck does ETF stand for? An explainer

Why investing in ETFs can be like playing with fire.

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Explainer: Why dollar cost averaging is stupid smart

When it comes to investing: keep it simple, stupid.

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Drowning in debt? Consider a restructuring

Restructuring sounds scary because it's often associated with bankruptcy.

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When a company gives 'guidance': An explainer

Google's profit dropped 11 percent and the company's stock jumped. How does that work?

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How feeling rich helps the economy: An explainer

When we feel wealthy, we spend more. It's called the wealth effect.

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