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Marketplace Tech®, hosted by Ben Brock Johnson, tackles the business behind the technology that's obsessing us and changing our lives. With the listener in mind, this weekday segment examines everything from video games and robots to consumer protection and space travel. Marketplace Tech is part of the Marketplace® portfolio of public radio programs broadcasting nationwide, which additionally includes Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report®, and Marketplace Weekend®. Listen on-air each weekday or online anytime at marketplace.org. From American Public Media. Twitter: @MarketplaceTechMore from Marketplace Tech with Ben Brock Johnson »

Most Recent Episodes

01/24/17: Intimate images in the digital age

Walls and fences aren't the only things dividing the U.S. and Mexico. Marketplace's Kimberly Adams — reporting from Nogales, Mexico — examines the low-and high-tech barriers that exist between the two countries. Afterwards, we'll look at the conversation surrounding private photos in the digital age. Dozens of states now have laws that make it a crime to publicly disclose someone's intimate image without his or her consent.

01/23/17: Tom Wheeler's exit interview

During his time as head of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler pushed for internet providers to deliver information at equal speeds. But companies have pushed back against this idea of net neutrality. Wheeler joined us to talk about the telecom industry, his successor, and his plans for the future. Afterwards, we'll hear from Harvard professor Susan Crawford about what telecom policy might look like under President Trump.

01/20/17: The hefty fees for drone use

New gadgets mean new rules. With Trump's inauguration taking place today, D.C. wants to make it clear that drones and selfie sticks are not allowed in the capital. We'll take look at what attendees WILL be able to bring with them. As for those of us who live elsewhere in the country, we'll also share the ways you can watch the event online. Afterwards, software engineer Tracey Chou will join us to play this week's Silicon Tally.

01/19/17: The history of Mars

Thousands are heading to Washington for Trump's inauguration — many of them to protest the event. Rally, a tech platform that connects riders with transportation to big events, is getting a lot of business right now thanks to anti-Trump activists. Co-founder Siheun Song explains how the service works. Next, we'll step outside of the planet to look at evidence from Mars rover Curiosity about possible mud cracks on the planet, which could tell us something about the possible history of life there.

01/18/17: How your binge-watching can affect the environment

Think the rise of digital means a reduced ecological imprint? Turns out streaming the latest hit show might be bad for the environment, according to a new Greenpeace report. Quartz's Ashley Rodriguez explains how exactly the streaming industry uses energy. Afterwards, we'll look at news that online grocery stores will soon be allowed to accept food stamps, and then talk about the possibility of bendable phones.

01/17/17: It began with a BlackBerry

When Obama was first sworn in, some were worried about allowing him to keep his BlackBerry. Eight years later, he's cemented his status as a pretty tech-forward president. As his second term ends, we'll look back at the role of technology in his administration. Next, we'll chat with Gray Space co-founder Matthew Hoffman about the influence of virtual reality on the architecture industry.

01/16/17: Trump TV

The Internet Archive has launched a library of Trump's television appearances — the first of its kind for an incoming president. We'll hear from one of the archive's managing editors, Nancy Watzman, about why they created the collection and what they hope it's used for. Afterwards, we'll take a tour of of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a new playing venue for the Atlanta Falcons that's set to open later this year.

01/13/17: Using Fitbit to detect health issues

With the expectation of big domestic growth, Amazon plans to create 100,000 full-time positions in the U.S. over the next year and a half. We'll look at where the retailer expects to see growth and where its thousands of new employees are likely to be working. Next, we'll talk about a new study that says fitness trackers can be used for the early detection of health problems, and then cap off the show with our weekly numbers game, "Silicon Tally." This week's opponent: Alex Davies, the transportation editor at Wired.com.

01/12/16: Meet the real-life R2-D2

During his first press conference as president-elect, Trump said he's requesting a "major report" from intelligence agencies on Russia, hacking, and our cyberdefenses. Computer science professor Matthew Green stopped by to talk about whether the U.S. needs to improve its defenses against hacking. Next, we'll check out the startup Knightscope, a company that makes egg-shaped security robots that protect against crime.

01/11/17: Rise of the minivan

The Detroit Auto show has revved up, and there's an unlikely star at the center of it all: the minivan. CNET's Tim Stevens joined us to talk about how the vehicle can be a playground for all kinds of tech. Next, we'll talk about a division at Yahoo, where some assets will be separated and placed under a new brand name: "Altaba." Finally, we'll look at Norway's decision to phase out its FM radio network.

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