Conrad's Corner

Conrad's Corner


Conrad's Corner is a periodic collection of short poems and poetic excerpts, often seasonal in nature, culled by Conrad Balliet. This podcast features works by local poets from Southwestern Ohio.More from Conrad's Corner »

Most Recent Episodes

Conrad's Corner: February 20, 2017

Conrad Balliet reads Jane Kretschman's poem, "High School Poetry Class"

Conrad's Corner: February 19, 2017

Conrad Balliet reads David Garrison's poem, "Terre Haute."

Conrad's Corner: February 16, 2017

Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "Coincidence."

Conrad's Corner: February 7, 2017

Suzanne Kelly reads her poem, "Deadman's Hand."

Conrad's Corner: February 6, 2017

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Where Are My Shoes and Socks"

Conrad's Corner: February 4, 2017

Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "What the Black Cat Is Not."

Conrad's Corner: February 3, 2017

Aimee Noelle reads her poem, "Inverted Water."

Conrad's Corner: January 31, 2017

Julie Moore reads Lianne Spidel's poem, "Unsung."

Conrad's Corner: January 28, 2017

Conrad Balliet reads Matthew Birdsall's poem, "Loveseat."

Conrad's Corner: January 26, 2017

Conrad Balliet reads Ron Knipfer's poem, "The Spot By the Side of the Road."

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