Description: Life in Florida back in the day is explored in this weekly interview show.

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Sand pines used to serve as Christmas trees

That was before Northern firs were readily available in Florida. Stan Tippin of Vero Beach remembers the excitement of going with his father to find the perfect pine to decorate for their home.

Surfer Remembers 'Boiler' Beyond the Surf

The boiler of a ship that sank more than a century ago was visible to Vero beach-goers for years. Bibble Irvin says surfers used to swim out to the boiler and stay all day.

Group Seeks to Restore Old Lincoln Theatre

The African-American landmark in Fort Pierce was built when seating was segregated at the Sunrise Theatre.

Geckos Have the Run of the Place in Reno Home

Former attorney general Janet Reno took pains to protect them when the house was going to be tented for termites. Reno's sister, Maggy Hurchalla of Martin County, tells the story.

Riding the Rails: Fellsmere Resident Remembers Slow Trip from Sebastian

The nine-mile train journey seemed like an eternity to Joel Tyson. The railroad is long gone, but the route is going to become a hiking and biking trail.

Riding the Rails: Fellsmere Resident Remembers Slow Trip from Sebastian

The Color Purple: Citrus Man Used it as a Marketing Tool

Carl Fetzer said machinery painted purple did wonders for the looks of the fruit.

Finding Air-Conditioning: Jupiter Man Had to Go to West Palm

The J.C. Penney's store was nice and cool when Wilson Horne was growing up. He says that was about the only place with air-conditioning, other than West Palm's movie theatre.

Indian River Couple Used to Trap and Skin Otters

Otters, which were plentiful in the marsh near State Road 60, were prized for their pelts. Edna MacPherson says she and her husband were able to buy a stove and refrigerator with money they made selling pelts.

Eccentric Early Settler Tried to Dig an Inlet at Sebastian

Some folks say he wore a black cape and was always heavily armed. Pam Cooper, geneology and Florida history librarian, tells the story.

Stuart Resident, 92, Holds Court at Heritage Museum

Leona Luckhardt used to visit the museum building 80 years ago, when it was a store.

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