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The New Orleans Zone: A Bizarre and Beguiling Dimension

You are about to enter another dimension. Not just one of sight and sound, but of mind. It is a dimension of costumed revelry and sugared cakes with plastic babies, of fanatics dressed in black and gold and sandwiches dressed with "mynez" and Crystal. A dimension of wild celebration of the human condition, a place where everyone is "dawlin" and no one is without a cold drink. There is a signpost up ahead. You are about to enter...The New Orleans Zone. As philosophers, writers and quantum physicists will attest, alternate dimensions have their own rules and tropes, a system by which they operate that is wholly their own. The New Orleans Zone is no different. So if you've found yourself in this wonderful but mysterious place unawares, you'd be best to familiarize yourself with the customs of life here, many of which you might find bizarre, otherworldly, or even downright frightful. But fear not. The natives are keen to help you learn your way around this weird dimension. First, if you

The Music Box Lands a Permanent Home in a Bywater Forest

Since its start in 2011, The Music Box has brought ambient sound art to thousands of people. While it's built a reputation as a Roving Village, they're now constructing a permanent installation in a 55,0000-square-foot forest with an adjoining warehouse in the Bywater.

WWNO Reporter Describes Arrest While Covering Baton Rouge Protests

WWNO's Ryan Kailath was arrested Saturday while covering a protest near Baton Rouge police headquarters. The event drew members of the New Black Panther Party. Police in riot gear engaged in a standoff with the group, during which Kailath was one of many arrested and charged with simple obstruction of a highway. WWNO's Eve Troeh spoke with him about what happened.

From Islands To Delta: A Filipino's Second Homecoming

When Robert Romero first arrived in America from the Philippines over 35 years ago, he was apprehensive about adjusting to an entirely new culture. Since then, Robert has not only adopted New Orleans as his home, he's now the honorary consul of the Philippines for the state of Louisiana. NolaVie's Brian Friedman sat down with Robert to hear his story of coming to New Orleans and his perspective on Filipino identity. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by Brian Friedman.

An Ode To The Olfactory: The Best And Worst Smells In New Orleans

When people fall in love with New Orleans — a phenomenon that happens on a daily basis around here — they're wont to wax poetically about the familiar qualities that make this city such a special and enchanting place. But all of this gushing tends to leave out a single and singular fact of life in the Crescent City: This town, for lack of a better word, smells.

La. Legislature Ends Special Session

WWNO Morning Edition host Diane Mack speaks with New Orleans Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace about the latest special session that just ended in the Louisiana Legislature.

Finding Fascination in the Everyday at NOMA's Design Exhibition

Nearly 100 years ago Marcel Duchamp put a porcelain urinal into a New York art gallery and changed the way we think about art. The Essence of Things is a new exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art that's dedicated to elevating the beauty of everyday objects. Can a rubber band or pair of flip flops rise to the level of high art? NolaVie's Renée Peck spoke with Mel Buchanan for the answer. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by Renée Peck.

What Is The Phyllis M. Taylor Center For Social Innovation And Design Thinking?

Since every generation uses new buzz words, you might wonder what goes on at Tulane's Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking. Luckily, Sharon Litwin got an explanation from their founding director, Ken Schwartz.

What Is The Phyllis M. Taylor Center For Social Innovation And Design Thinking?

The Joan Mitchell Center Shows Patronage For Local Artists

The goal of the Joan Mitchell Center is to support emerging visual artists who live in New Orleans. That space is run by Gia Hamilton, who spoke with Sharon Litwin for the latest Notes from New Orleans.

New Orleans Charter Schools Look To Diversify Teaching Staff

The New Orleans teaching force changed dramatically after Hurricane Katrina, when all public school teachers were laid off. They were mostly black, veteran educators from the area. Now, teachers are more likely to be young, white and to have grown up outside New Orleans.

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