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A Space for Friendly Ghosts in Store for Big Class

Since its start as a first grade project, Big Class has distinguished itself through pizza, poetry and ghostly soirées, all the while staying true to its mission to support young writers through education and collaboration.

Same As It Ever Was?: Scott Aiges On Jazz & Heritage & Change

Jazz Fest takes up so much of our collective consciousness in New Orleans that many may not know that the Festival's nonprofit arm keeps the music on all year round. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation is dedicated to promoting all facets of our music culture from African drumming to Zydeco. NolaVie's Renée Peck spoke with Scott Aiges, Director of Programs, Marketing and Communications, about tradition and transformation in New Orleans music today. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by Renée Peck.

Stand-Up Is The Loneliest Art: Notes from An Open Mic Night

It's one thing to stand out in a group, but it's quite another to stand out by yourself. That's something comedians like Julie Mitchell deal with all of the time. David Benedetto spoke with Julie about Bear With Me, an open mic night she hosts at the bar 12 Mile Limit, and about what makes funny, well, funny. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by David Benedetto.

More Than Oysters Rockefeller: Rick Blount Of Antoine's

Rebranding a business is one of the most challenging things a company can do. Rick Blount understands very well: his family has owned Antoine's Restaurant for five generations, which has left a legacy not only in the restaurant's dining rooms, but in public opinion. Antoine's is famous for many things, including Oyster's Rockefeller, which was invented by Jules Alciatore. Blount told the story of its genesis to historian Mark Cave: "In those days Jules invents, still our signature dish, Oysters Rockefeller, which, like most things in life I think was a mistake. He originally had started fool with a escargot sauce, he was trying to make a, a better, a richer sauce for escargot. And the, the classic French bouillon sauce is butter and garlic and parsley, was sort of where he started in his, in his cooking experiments, I guess. And he started adding a whole bunch of the other New Orleans ingredients to it. Green onion, onion, parsley, celery, all the, you know the other stuff, that would

UNknown New Orleans: Anila Keswani's Indian Roots

New Orleans' roots are diverse. This summer, Nolavie is speaking with members of different communities that have woven their unique strands into the local culture. Today, Renee Peck speaks with restaurant owner Anila Keswani about her life in the Crescent City and her relationship to its Indian-American community. Visit Nolavie for a related article written by Renee Peck.

Theater Goes Aquatic in The NOLA Project's Exterior. Pool - Night

As we submerge ourselves into the depths of deep summer, New Orleanians must adapt in certain ways to stay copacetic. For Andrew Larimer, a founding member of the NOLA Project Theatre Company, that means staging his play, Exterior. Pool - Night in — you guessed it — a swimming pool. A work of immersive theater, the play takes place in and around the Aloft New Orleans Downtown Hotel, beginning and ending on the pool deck. NolaVie's Brian Friedman spoke with Andrew to find out what went into the play's unique production. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by Brian Friedman.

The New Orleans Zone: A Bizarre and Beguiling Dimension

You are about to enter another dimension. Not just one of sight and sound, but of mind. It is a dimension of costumed revelry and sugared cakes with plastic babies, of fanatics dressed in black and gold and sandwiches dressed with "mynez" and Crystal. A dimension of wild celebration of the human condition, a place where everyone is "dawlin" and no one is without a cold drink. There is a signpost up ahead. You are about to enter...The New Orleans Zone. As philosophers, writers and quantum physicists will attest, alternate dimensions have their own rules and tropes, a system by which they operate that is wholly their own. The New Orleans Zone is no different. So if you've found yourself in this wonderful but mysterious place unawares, you'd be best to familiarize yourself with the customs of life here, many of which you might find bizarre, otherworldly, or even downright frightful. But fear not. The natives are keen to help you learn your way around this weird dimension. First, if you

The Music Box Lands a Permanent Home in a Bywater Forest

Since its start in 2011, The Music Box has brought ambient sound art to thousands of people. While it's built a reputation as a Roving Village, they're now constructing a permanent installation in a 55,0000-square-foot forest with an adjoining warehouse in the Bywater.

WWNO Reporter Describes Arrest While Covering Baton Rouge Protests

WWNO's Ryan Kailath was arrested Saturday while covering a protest near Baton Rouge police headquarters. The event drew members of the New Black Panther Party. Police in riot gear engaged in a standoff with the group, during which Kailath was one of many arrested and charged with simple obstruction of a highway. WWNO's Eve Troeh spoke with him about what happened.

From Islands To Delta: A Filipino's Second Homecoming

When Robert Romero first arrived in America from the Philippines over 35 years ago, he was apprehensive about adjusting to an entirely new culture. Since then, Robert has not only adopted New Orleans as his home, he's now the honorary consul of the Philippines for the state of Louisiana. NolaVie's Brian Friedman sat down with Robert to hear his story of coming to New Orleans and his perspective on Filipino identity. Visit NolaVie's website for a related article written by Brian Friedman.

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