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Russell Pearce ousted by voters

The architect of some of the toughest laws in the nation aimed at illegal immigrants was ousted from office Tuesday by voters in his Mesa district. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

Interview with Bill Montgomery, Head of New Child Protective Services Task Force

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was named this week as the head of Arizona's new Task Force for Child Protective Services. Governor Jan Brewer called for the creation of the group after the high profile deaths of 16 children under CPS case management within the last year. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl spoke with Bill Montgomery about his new post.

Tusayan Town Council to vote on zoning changes tonight

The Tusayan Town Council is scheduled to vote on controversial zoning changes this evening. If passed, those changes would pave the way for a large-scale development at the doorstep to the Grand Canyon National Park. Last week, the new park superintendent joined a growing chorus of critics and asked the town council to postpone its decision. For Arizona Public Radio, Claudine LoMonaco has this report. _______________________________________________________________________

Flagstaff City Council to vote on zoning plan

The Flagstaff City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a document that could change-- literally-- the shape of the city. For the past several years, the staff in the Department of Planning has been re-writing the city's zoning code, and they've come up with a final plan For most of us, it won't be the most interesting read, but Roger Eastman tells Arizona Public Radio's Mark Bevis that the document is groundbreaking.

Truckers Open Their Hearts And Cabs To Down-On-Their-Luck Dogs

At any given time of day, millions of truck drivers are out cruising the nation's highways. And, that's probably why they've always served as a beacon of hope for hitchhikers. But, it turns out America's truck drivers aren't just picking up stranded humans. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl brings us the story of a convoy of truckers hauling down-on-their-luck dogs across the country to new homes.

Controversy over South Rim development plans continue

The controversy over development plans at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon just got bigger. Arizona Public Radio's Claudine LoMonaco has details.

Head of Grand Canyon National Park voices opposition to Tusayan development plans

The head of Grand Canyon National Park has voiced his opposition to controversial development plans for the tiny town of Tusayan. Arizona Public Radio's Claudine LoMonaco has the story.

US house passes legislation to swap copper-rich land for public lands

The U-S House has passed legislation to swap copper-rich land in southeastern Arizona for a large swath of new public lands. Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington that the House also defeated amendments to protect tribal lands in the region.

US House moves closer to passing a bill to exchange copper reserve for new public lands

Tuesday the U-S House moved one step closer to passing a controversial bill that exchanges a copper reserve in southeastern Arizona for new public lands. KNAU Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington.

4G network creates opportunities on Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation Police Lt. Emerson Lee drives his four-wheel drive patrol truck along Indian Route 15. Dormant volcanoes and granite buttes cast long shadows against the red dirt and squatty pine trees.

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