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#1353: "Show Me The Jobs"

They're moving in. Millions of freshmen are getting ready for their first year of college and one of the big questions on their mind is: "did I pick the right major to help me get a job"? It's a pretty important question. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to an economist about where the jobs are...or at least where they will be in four years. We'll also hear commentary about what it's like being the smart girl in class, learn about a new data based health care initiative...and spend an academic minute trying to measure your overall health...whatever that means.

The Best Of Our Knowledge #1352 "The Steroid Debate"

If you're a sports fan, this has to be a great time of year for you. First of all, the Olympics are everywhere. Then there's the baseball pennant races, College and Pro Football getting underway. Student athletes of all ages from Pee Wee to Division One will be doing their best to be their best on the field. But for athletes of any age or experience level, that sometimes means taking performance enhancing drugs. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll look back at a unique debate of sorts we had a while ago on testing for PEDs. We'll hear from one doctor who says the system of drug testing is working just fine...and another who says scrap it and let them eat steroids. And after talking about artificial athletic talent, we'll also spend an academic minute making money from the Olympics.

#1350 "The Mix 'N Match Degree"

When you stop and think about it, a bachelor's degree in, well just about anything, is pretty much a one size fits all exercise. Students take the same classes from the same instructors and take the same exams. But that could be changing. So after talking about degrees in Homeland Security and Gaming in the past two weeks, today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll hear about a new customizable business degree program. We'll also talk about big's everywhere. And we'll spend an academic minute with the story of the only female governor in the US to die in office.

#1350 "The Gamers' Degree"

You may have noticed that a lot of people are walking around a lot of places playing a certain game on their phones. Although it may seem that this game that shall not be named dropped from the actually had to be developed by human beings. And people who can develop such things are in demand. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll hear about a new college degree in video game production. We'll also talk to a veteran teacher who wrote a book about helicopter parents, special snowflake and other...uh...stuff. And we'll spend an academic minute with music that makes us sad...which apparently is a good thing.

#1349 "Leadership and Bachelors and Warm Lines (OH MY!)"

If you want to get ahead in life, you have to learn to make good decisions. And that should start at an early age. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll hear about a program in upstate New York called the Leadership project that is working to help 5th graders make good choices. We'll also hear about a new bachelor's degree in homeland security, find out what a warm line is (hint: it's kinda like a hot line...only less urgent), and we'll spend an academic minute learning from our mistakes.

#1348 "Educational Ethics"

Being a teacher means mastering quite a few disciplines. Communication, innovation, empathy and you may not have thought of this one...ethics. In fact, educators come across ethical dilemmas almost every day...and how they deal with them affects students in profound ways. Not to mention themselves. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to the co-author of a new book on educational ethics. We'll also spend an academic minute seeing if lapses in ethics can be blamed on your hormones.

#1347: "Finding NEEMO"

If you want to train someone for a mission to the International Space Station here on Earth, you have to find a place that can station-y. To do that, NASA is going off shore. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to a scientist who is taking part in this year's edition of Project NEEMO. We'll also hear how students can stay smart over the summer...and spend an academic minute checking out the size of the galaxy.

#1346 "Political Science And Brexit"

There are some events that a whole lot of us get up for. Sports fans love the Super Bowl and the World Series and the World Cup. Movie fans wait for the newest sequel or big blockbuster. Most of us pay close attention to the elections. But for a political scientist...nothing this year will come close to Brexit! Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to a political science professor who is also an expert on European politics about the ins and outs and squiggles yet to come about the UK's recent vote. We'll also spend an academic minute looking for what we really want in a politician, virtue, vice or something in between.

#1345: "Know Your Audience"

Know your audience. That's something that writers and performers are told all the time. It's also important for teachers to not only know your audience, but to also know how to talk to them. It's called culturally tailored education, and it's an approach that's being used around the country to bring important information about health to a racially diverse population. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to the director of one of these programs in western New York State. We'll also spend an academic minute learning what academics do when they are not academic-ing.

#1344 "The Cyber Secretary"

Remember when you got your first computer and had to make up a password for the first time? That was your introduction to the world of cybersecurity. That world has gotten a lot larger. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to a homeland security official about cybersecurity in and out of schools. We'll also hear about NY State's trans gender bathroom policy...or lack thereof, find out if the water in the state's schools is safe to drink...and spend an academic minute longing for your smart phone.

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