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PRI: Living on Earth

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Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI about the world's changing environment, ecology, and human health. If there's something new about global warming, climate change, environmental politics or environmental quality and human health, you can count on Host Steve Curwood and the LOE public radio news team to keep you up to date with fair and accurate coverage.More from PRI: Living on Earth »

Most Recent Episodes

Living on Earth: October 21, 2016

The Libertarian Choice / Beyond the Headlines / Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux / The Place Where You Live: Glacier National Park / Science Note: Pigeons Flag Lead Pollution / The Lion in the Living Room / BirdNote: Swallows in Winter

Living on Earth: October 14, 2016

Clinton's Green Agenda / Breaking Down Clinton's Climate Approach / The Fillery: Shopping Without Waste / Beyond The Headlines / Science Note: Ancient Turtle Revelation / Turtles Hatch!

Living on Earth: October 7, 2016

Trump on Climate / Paris Agreement Becomes International Law / Game-Changing Rules for Endangered Species / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: When the Amazon Floods / The Hidden Life of Trees

Living on Earth: September 30, 2016

Jill Stein and the Planet / A Speedy Road for Paris / SEC Probes Exxon / Paris Dirty Car Ban / BirdNote: Sandhill Cranes Wait Out the Storm / Beyond the Headlines / Urban Foraging at the End of Nature

Living on Earth: September 23, 2016

Saving East Coast Sea Life / EPA Sued Over Ocean Acidification / One Smart Slime-Emerging Science Note / Wine, Water and Natural Gas / Beyond The Headlines / Hubbard Brook: An 8,000-acre Test Tube

Living on Earth: September 16, 2016

Standing Rock And The Feds / Beyond The Headlines / War Veterans Farm For Health / From Orange To Green / 'Fish Guy' Aims To Scan All The Fishes

Living on Earth: September 9, 2016

U.S. And China Ratify Paris Agreement / Dakota Pipeline Fight / Eminent Domain For Pipeline Profits / Beyond The Headlines / Avian Malaria Flies North / BirdNote: Common Mergansers / The Fever of 1721

Living on Earth: September 2, 2016

Climate Disruption Fuels Stronger Storms / Gulf Oil Leases Spark Outcry But Little Revenue / Linking Fracking and Radon / Science Note: A Parasite Setback / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: The Zone-tailed Hawk / Your Brain On Parasites

Living on Earth: August 26, 2016

Losing Frozen Earth Could Cook the Planet / U.S. Methane Emissions Drastically Underestimated / Turning up the Heat on Frigid Offices / Better Office Air Makes For Better Thinking / Pawpaw: America's Forgotten Fruit

Living on Earth: August 19, 2016

Climate Change Threatens Trillions Worth of Financial Assets / I Feel the Earth Move / The End of Night / Conserving the Dark / The Night Bird / A Prayer to Share Earth as a Commons

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