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PRI: Living on Earth

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Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI about the world's changing environment, ecology, and human health. If there's something new about global warming, climate change, environmental politics or environmental quality and human health, you can count on Host Steve Curwood and the LOE public radio news team to keep you up to date with fair and accurate coverage.More from PRI: Living on Earth »

Most Recent Episodes

Living on Earth: July 29, 2016

Democratic Convention: Beyond the Headlines / Compressor Station Controversy / Boston in a Warmer World / Brexit and the Environment / Woodwell - A World to Live In / The Place Where You Live: Bear Creek, WI and St. Paul, MN

Living on Earth: July 22, 2016

America's Deadly Power Plants / Beyond the Headlines / High Tech Hunt for Methane Leaks / Emerging Science Note: Walking Fish / The Value of National Parks / The Hour of Land

Living on Earth: July 15, 2016

Congress Approves GMO Labels / Stopping the Public Coal Swindle / Nesting Turtles at Home in Suburbia / Beyond the Headlines / The Whistling Caribbean / When Mother is a Hungry Bear

Living on Earth: July 8, 2016

CA Nukes To Shut Down; NY Nukes Troubled / Beyond the Headlines / Squash Bee: The Pollinator That Follows Farmers / Gardeners Create a Bountiful Backyard and Find Love / Finding New Tyrannosaurs

Living on Earth: July 1, 2016

Republicans Vote to Block Military Climate Planning / Beyond the Headlines / Emerging Science Note: Backyard Garden Threat to Bees / The Value of Weeds / Roadsides as Vital Habitat / Whizpops: Teaching Science to Kids

Living on Earth: June 24, 2016

US Helps India Finance Solar / Counting Horseshoe Crabs to Save Them / The Nautilus at Risk / Beyond the Headlines / The Great White Shark Scientist / Up Close with Penguins, Our Fellow Pedestrians

Living on Earth: June 17, 2016

Air Pollution and Mental Illness / Congress Modernizes Toxics Law / Ag Chemical Company Mergers Raise Anti-Trust Concerns / Cancer Concerns Cloud Herbicide's Future / Atrazine, Wildlife and Workers / Beyond the Headlines / The Puffin TV Show / Birdnote®: Common Murres

Living on Earth: June 10, 2016

UMass Becomes the First Major U.S. Public University to Divest / Beyond the Headlines / Mothers Raise the Alert on Gas Leaks / Congo Pushes for Mega-Dam Project / Opening Glen Canyon

Living on Earth: June 3, 2016

Coping with Massive Forest Fires / Beyond the Headlines / Climate Change and the National Parks / China Grows More Trees / Iron-eating Bacteria / Heart of a Lion

Living on Earth: May 27, 2016

Trump's Other Wall / Local Impacts of Exxon's Alleged "Climate Deceit" / Kids Win Another Landmark Climate Ruling / Saving the Bay Area / SunEdison Falters; Solar Still Sunny / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote®: Eastern Wood-Pewee

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