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King Lear in O.P. , "Original Pronunciation"


New Moves "Working Title"


Digging Up Bones: One Man's Hobby

There are plenty of dinosaur bones out west, but fossils on federal land are reserved for museums and universities. This makes thing complicated for hobbyists.

Andrew Jackson, "Bloody, Bloody..." Indeed


Size Matters: A Tiny Tribute To Hoosier History

The Museum of Miniature Houses offers a tiny, but telling way to teach Hoosier history.

Oklahoma!, A Tale of Triangles

"If she liked me any more she'd sic the dogs on me." a rueful Curly about the standoffish Laurie

Two Generations Of Horn Players Come To Terre Haute

"I played the trumpet for two years, didn't like it...nothing against the trumpet..." horn player Dale Clevenger

Cerebral Graffiti: To Access The Mind, Reach For The Pencil

Scientists, artists, software designers, and architects from around the country are convening to consider how freehand drawing sparks the imaginative process.

Love, Loss ... And The Lab Coat

The danger of chemical spills has taught Annie Bowling to respect the lab coat, but underneath that, the research technician's dress code is stress-free.

Love, Loss... And The Suit That Finally Fit

Trish Kerle says as a butch-identified lesbian who wears clothing that reflects that identity, she is very intentional in how she dresses.

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