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Redistricting Reform Advocates: 'We Are Not Going Anywhere'

Redistricting advocates promise to push for reform again during the next legislative session.

Ask The Mayor: Kokomo's Goodnight On Former YMCA Development

Mayor Goodnight says the city actively looks for a balance of market rate and high income housing.

Abortion Bill Changed After Returning To Committee

A House committee altered and then approved an abortion regulation bill after the unusual step of sending the bill from the House floor back to the committee.

Lawmaker Seeks More Prayer In School

Could more prayer in school be a cure for societal ills?

Locals Could Soon Approve Needle Exchanges, But Still Lack Funding

Syringe exchange programs still face significant opposition from some officials, and funding the programs remains the largest barrier.

Locals Could Soon Approve Needle Exchanges, But Still Lack Funding

House Committee Amends Abortion Bill To 'Balance Out' Language

A committee changed the bill to, as one lawmaker put it, "balance out" language concerning medication-induced abortion reversals.

Ask The Mayor: Bloomington's Hamilton On Annexation, I-69 Meetings

Mayor Hamilton says he hopes broadband service will be part of the annexation proposal.

Months After Plant Closing Announcement, Workers Left Waiting

The 300 men and women losing their jobs at Rexnord are facing a harsh reality familiar to millions of working-class Americans.

Opioid Addiction And The Rise In Child Neglect Cases

Childhood neglect cases are increasing in Indiana and many state agencies point to the rise in opioid addiction.

More People Over 50 Are Online Dating

Today, more than a third of single Americans are over 50 years of age.

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