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Each day from 12-1 pm, Sheilah Kast and her guests explore issues on a local, regional and national level. WYPR listeners are encouraged to call and participate in the discussion. Midday is produced by Maureen Harvie, Melody Simmons, and Connor Graham.More from Midday »

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Baltimore and the "Ferguson Effect"

A new survey finds that a large majority of Marylanders believe that police in their neighborhoods are doing a good job of fighting crime. On the other...

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Is The G.O.P. Too Polarized To Function?

From filibusters and threats to shut down the government, to outsider presidential candidates and vows to keep out Syrian refugees, the Republican...

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A Deeper Dive into Vacants to Value; Mayoral Candidate David Warnock

Today we'll dive deeper into Baltimore's Vacants to Value effort. A recent report from the nonprofit Abell Foundation concluded that the successes of...

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Vacants to Value: "Modest Progress" and "Questionable Accounting"

In 2010 Baltimore unveiled Vacants to Value, an effort to rehab abandoned properties and eliminate blight across the city. But, while officials have...

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Syrian Refugees; Health Research out of Hopkins

Syrian refugees enter Turkey.Credit European Commission DG ECHO / Flickr via Creative CommonsEdit | RemoveMaryland Governor Larry Hogan, along with...

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Student Activism, Race & Free Speech

The University of Missouri, Yale University, University of South Carolina, Occidental College, University of Kansas, Claremont McKenna College. The...

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Lessons Learned: The Performance of Baltimore Police During April's Unrest

A 79-page analysis of the performance of the Baltimore Police Department during April's unrest was released yesterday. the report was compiled by a...

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Black Man in a White Coat

Can being black be bad for your health? In his memoir "Black Man in a White Coat," Maryland native Dr. Damon Tweedy reveals - through personal...

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The Increasingly High Cost of Child Care

From in-home daycare and child care centers to nannies and babysitters, parents often see their budgets strained by the high cost of child care. While...

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Biography and Biology: The Longterm Consequences of Abuse

What impact does your childhood have on your health as an adult? For those who experienced abuse or neglect, trauma can push their brain's fight-or...

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