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Young Seattle Band Explores All Kinds of Swing

Blending classic swing tunes from jazz, country and early rock 'n' roll; bassist and singer Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints have found their own kind of cool. Live in our studios, the band performed four tunes from their varied songbook, including the music of Hoagy Carmichael, Fats Waller, Elvis Presley and Hank Williams. A man of many talents, Birch has also found success around the Northwest in his modern soul/funk "livetronica" band Theoretics, but he says that group has little to no musical connection to this quartet. As we learned in this exclusive performance, The Gin Joints are a fascinating combo of sweetness and swing from young talents creating a fresh sound out of historic gems.

Jacqueline Tabor: The Lady In The Gown

Northwest vocalist Jacqueline Tabor discovered jazz when she was a kid watching old movies on TV. She dug the black-and-white films noir that featured beautiful women in gowns singing jazz in dark, smoky nightclubs—she wanted to grow up to do that. And, whaddaya know? She's now a lovely woman in a gown singing jazz from here to Japan. The nightclubs aren't as smoky as they once were, but here she is, living her childhood dream—and doing it with a terrific band (see credits). Together, they'll treat you to three lovely pieces of music and a few good stories. The songs: 1. Mood Indigo 2. Over the Rainbow 3. The Jazz In You

School Of Jazz: The Ryan Leppich Quintet - A Final High School Swing

Drummer Ryan Leppich has graduated Mountlake Terrace HS and is preparing to go off to college. However, while at MTHS, he formed a jazz quintet consisting of some of his school band mates as well as fine players from other high school jazz programs in the area. 3 of the 5 are graduating, so we were fortunate to get them into the KPLU performance studio before they went their separate ways. In this session they take on some pretty complex jazz compositions and they do with an ease that belies their years. Dig in.

Live Studio Session: 56th Army Jazz Band - Be All That You Can Be-Bop

In this KPLU studio session, the US Army salutes jazz, with the 56th Army Jazz Band from Joint Base Lewis/McCord. Hosted by Abe Beeson, this sextet of talented troops gives us two original compositions by members of the band (Ego and Fifteen Day Dream) and a delightfully sneaky rearrangement of Miles Davis' So What. Abe and the guys also talk about what a sweet gig it is to serve their country by playing music that they love.

Live Studio Sessions: The Bad Plus Joshua Redman - Blinded By The Light

The Bad Plus is one of the most in-demand trios in jazz. Joshua Redman is one of the most in-demand saxophonists. When the trio and the saxophonist joined forces to become The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, the star-power threatened to be blinding, so when they came to KPLU for a live session, we all had sunglasses near at hand.

School Of Jazz: Meadowdale High School Jazz Combo - Raising The Bar

As we welcomed Lynnwood's Meadowdale High School Jazz Combo into the KPLU live performance studio, they looked like normal, hard-working music students. When they started to play, however, it was soon clear to us that we were hearing a band that was a cut above. Along with their mentor, trumpeter Michael Van Bebber, the combo nailed each of the 3 songs they performed. If you have doubts about whether or not high school students can really play jazz, listen to this session. Your doubts will disappear. Out thanks to the band for such a fine performance and kudos to the band's director, Jeff Horenstein.

Live Studio Session: Justin Kauflin - Still Keepin' On

The first time we met pianist Justin Kauflin he was in Seattle as part of the Seattle International Film Festival, which was showing a documentary about the friendship between the young Justin and veteran jazz trumpeter Clark Terry. The movie is called Keep On Keepin' On and if you haven't seen it, you're missing a lovely story. Mr. Terry has since passed on but Justin is still very much with us (he's only 29, after all) and growing by leaps and bounds as a musician.

KPLU Live Studio Sessions for 2015-06-10

When trumpeter Lance Buller takes the stage, the audience knows it's in for a good time. He's serious about his music but he's also serious about making sure his listeners have fun. Put another way: he's a terrific jazz trumpeter but he's also an entertainer. Lance's latest show is a tribute to his 3 greatest influences. It's called The 3 Louis—Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan & Louis Prima. We invited Lance and The Roadstars into the KPLU performance studio to give us a preview of the new show. As we expected, good times ensued. Enjoy!

School Of Jazz: Interlake High School Jazz Combo With Thomas Marriott

The Interlake High School Jazz Combo is doing it right. They've got chops, poise and the ability to select and arrange great material. Of course, some of that ability to select and arrange might—just might—be aided and abetted by the band's director, Paul Gillespie, and/or their mentor, jazz trumpeter, Thomas Marriott. In this studio session, the band (with Marriott sitting in) performed three songs: This Is For Albert (by Wayne Shorter), Stoner Hill (by Brian Blade) and Sonny Rollin's classic, Doxy, here given an inventive treatment by the band. Song List: This Is For AlbertStoner HillDoxy

Live Studio Session: McTuff - Doing Their Thing

McTuff is a Seattle organ trio consisting of Joe Doria (Hammond B-3 organ), Andy Coe (guitar) and Tarik Abouzeid (drums). The band breaks through the constraints of genre expectations and reaches a wide range of music lovers. They can play for an audience of jazz purists who just want to listen to the music or they can play for an audience of people who just want to dance. And they do that by being exactly who they are: three inventive musicians who don't mind bringin' on the funk.

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