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Weekly review of Florida statewide news. (Daily during Florida legislative session.) WFSU/Florida Public Radio Network reporters, as well as reporters from public radio stations across the state, bring you timely news and information from around Florida. Whether it's maneuvers between legislative sessions, the economy, environmental issues, tourism, business or the arts, Capital Report gives information on issues that affect the lives of everyday Floridians.More from Capital Report - WFSU/FPRN »

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Capital Report: 02-09-2016

Florida is pushing ahead with new restrictions for the state's abortion providers while earlier restrictions are locked up in court. Nick Evans reports...

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Capital Report: 02-08-2016

Same sex couples can marry, but in Florida members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community lack a number of basic protections against d...

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Capital Report: 02-05-2016

The state Legislature is on the verge of extending healthcare to thousands of Florida children. Nick Evans reports revisions to the KidCare program will...

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Capital Report: 02-04-2016

A bill to protect Florida clergy from conducting marriage ceremonies that violate their beliefs is moving forward. Regan McCarthy reports, the next stop...

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Capital Report: 02-03-2016

The Florida House and Senate have put to bed their initial spending plans for the upcoming fiscal year. But major issues remain unresolved. Still, as...

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Capital Report: 02-02-2016

Florida's 389 death row inmates are in limbo after the US Supreme Court invalidated the state's capital sentencing system. Nick Evans reports the top co...

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Capital Report: 02-01-2016

As lawmakers grapple with healthcare costs, they're taking another look at rules – called "certificates of need" - governing where health care centers c...

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Capital Report: 01-29-2016

Education is set for a funding boost as the legislature rolls ahead with its budget planning. But as Lynn Hatter reports as the process moves along, som...

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Capital Report: 01-28-2016

The Florida legislature is working on answering a big question—how to balance a 400-milion dollar hit to its healthcare budget. Lynn Hatter reports lawm...

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Capital Report: 01-27-2016

House lawmakers seem to be whistling past the graveyard—preparing to push forward on a billion dollars in tax cuts similar to those championed by Govern...

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