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Digging through record crates to find that rare soul music from Brazil

We bring you rare funk and soul music from Brazilian music, courtesy of a Boston-based record collector who dug through a lot of crates of records to find just the right tracks.

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Bye Bye Ebola! Eradication spurs rap song in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone declared itself Ebola-free on Saturday. It had been 42 days since any new cases were diagnosed. To mark the occasion, thousands danced in the streets and rapper Block Jones, from Sierra Leone, released a video and song.

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Music was the path to financial independence for this Indian woman

Tritha Sinah fronts the band Tritha Electric. Growing up in Kolkata she says music was her way to financial independence and liberation.

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A video by Foo Fighter fans in Italy goes viral — and tonight the band responds

A thousand musicians in Cesena, Italy, played a song by the Foo Fighters and created a video to go along with it. At the end of the video, they ask the band to come to Cesena and perform a concert. The rock band has responded and plays there tonight.

Despite threat of a boycott, one of the largest world music festivals is now underway

Attendees at one of the world's largest music expos were threatening to boycott this year's event because its host country, Hungary, has been unwelcoming to refugees.

The next big gig for Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club? The White House.

A documentary about the Buena Vista Social Club helped put Cuban music on the map. But the US embargo made touring in the US tricky. Now that relations between the two countries have thawed, BVSC will play at the White House on Thursday.

How a 14-year-old girl is making Quechua cool in Peru — with music and lyrics from Michael Jackson

Renata Flores, an indigenous Peruvian, is also an Internet sensation. That happened after a video of her singing a Michael Jackson hit went viral. Flores wasn't singing the song in English or Spanish. Instead, she sang it in her native tongue, Quechua.

The music scene in 21st century Dublin is changing — and this group is proof of that

Hare Squead is a hip-hop trio based in Dublin. They're first generation immigrants from Africa who happened to run into each other while skateboarding in Ireland's capital. Just two years later they're one of the hottest acts around.

Flamenco was the soundtrack in this Armenian family

We have a story of a Flamenco musician in Los Angeles. But he's not Spanish ... he's Armenian. Vahagni's family left Armenia in September 1991, just a few weeks before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Is a verse about being in a psych ward too personal to be included in a new version of a song?

The song "Sweet Fanta Diallo (Adieu Soleil)" by the group Magic System caught my attention the other day. The band is from Ivory Coast. That's the same country where Alpha Blondy, the original singer of Sweet Fanta, is from. However, in Magic System's version, they dropped the last verse.

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