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From WYPR 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Hosted by Tom Hall, Maryland Morning is a lively mix of interviews about news, the arts, politics, science, history - all the topics and people that make Maryland such an interesting place to live and work. From 9 to 10 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - we reach from the Chesapeake Bay to the mountains for compelling conversations with people who make the news, and with people who cover it - including WYPR's own reporters. Maryland Morning is produced by Rob Sivak, Jonna McKone, and Connor Graham.More from Maryland Morning »

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A Look At The 1st Freddie Gray Police Trial

Baltimore Police Officer William Porter, 26 years old, a three-year veteran of the force, goes on trial this morning in The Clarence Mitchell Courthouse...

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A Tale Of Two Churches: Merging A Lutheran And Episcopal Church

Last week here on Maryland Morning, we talked about Islamophobia and the increasing tension over issues like refugees between American Muslims and...

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The Rousuck Review: "X's And O's"

Somewhere between Berkeley, California, last January, and Baltimore, now, the play, X's and O's, lost its subtitle: "A Football Love Story." When you...

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"Lost And Found In The Funhouse:" An Exhibition Of John Barth's Work

An exhibition devoted to the work of the acclaimed novelist, essayist and teacher, John Barth is now on display at the Peabody Library. The show is...

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How New Maryland Laws Allow For Second Chances

Last month, we looked at a set of laws that went into effect in Maryland that would allow certain misdemeanors, as well as crimes that are no longer...

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In The Wake Of Allegations Of Sexual Assault, A Visit To Gilmor Homes

Last spring, Freddie Gray was apprehended near the Gilmor Homes public housing project in Sandtown-Winchester, one of Baltimore's most disadvantaged...

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Baltimore Targets Rising HIV-AIDS Infections Among Gay, Transgender Groups

Being diagnosed HIV-positive is no longer the death sentence it once was, but getting treatment to everyone who's infected, and curbing the spread of...

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Charm City Junction Blends Irish, Bluegrass Traditions

Charm City Junction is a local quartet that plays Old-Time, Bluegrass and Irish music. The band — made up of Brad Kolodner on banjo, Patrick McAvinue...

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Legendary Singer Judy Collins Brings Her Music To Baltimore

Judy Collins holds a unique and cherished place in the top echelons of American music. In September, she released a new CD called Strangers Again, a...

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A Maryland Imam Responds To Anti-Refugee, Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

This morning we talk about some of the reactions over the past week by politicians in this country to recent terror attacks by ISIS, the self-styled ...

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