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Tri States Public Radio's weekly round table discussion of media related issues featuring News Director Rich Egger, WIU Broadcasting Professor Mike Murray and former broadcaster and political consultant Matt Bisbee.More from Shop Talk »

Most Recent Episodes

Shop Talk - January 17

The panelists talk about the way the media in general covers the presidential nomination process.

Shop Talk - January 10

The panelists talk about recent attempts to stifle coverage of significant events.

Shop Talk - January 3

The panelists discuss why some political candidates try to avoid the media.

Shop Talk - December 20

The panelists discuss a recent push to loosen restrictions on ownership rules so that companies can have newspapers, radio stations, and television stations in the same market.

Shop Talk - December 13

The panelists discuss CNN's recent decision to fire around 50 staff members, including nearly a dozen photojournalists. The network based its decision on the increasing accessibility of cameras and the growth of citizen journalism.

Shop Talk - December 6

The panelists discuss the role reporters should play in analyzing political ads.

Shop Talk - November 29

The panelists examine why journalism and public relations programs at universities are often closely tied to together.

Shop Talk - November 22

The panelists discuss the challenges facing TV's nightly newscasts.

Shop Talk - November 15

The panelists discuss media coverage of the scandal at Penn State University.

Shop Talk - November 8

The panelists discuss the "First in Print" or "Only in Print" promotion touted by Gatehouse newspapers.

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