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For over 20 years John Weeks brought central New York The Nature of Things, a weekly commentary on nature. The series was a regular feature on WRVO during Morning Edition on Fridays. John retired from writing the commentary in June of 2006. WRVO will release an episode from The Nature of Things archives every week.More from The Nature of Things »

Most Recent Episodes

Tulip Trees and Baltimore Orioles

In this archived broadcast from June 29, 1990, John Weeks talks about tulip trees and the Baltimore oriole. He gives a brief history of both species and their modern day roles in the natural world.

The Qualities of Bird Songs

In this archived broadcast from June 25, 1992, John Weeks speaks about bird songs and their qualities. Songs by different species of thrush, wrens, thrasher and others are interspersed throughout the talk. Weeks examines each song, touching on qualities such as tone and energy.

A Study in Bird Nesting

In this archived broadcast from June 10, 1993, John Weeks discusses the observations he made during a study of a local wetland. These observations include several notes on the nesting habits of over a dozen different bird species.

Changes in Birdwatching

In this archived broadcast from June 4, 1992, John Weeks discusses some observations in migration patterns he has witnessed while bird watching and offers a metaphor involving his daughter moving to a new home.

Flying Architects

In this archived broadcast from June 7, 1991, John Weeks discusses nature's flying architects, commonly known as birds. Weeks covers the nest building of several species including Baltimore orioles and hummingbirds.


In this archived broadcast from May 27, 2005, John Weeks discusses the role mice play in maintaining an ecosystem. Weeks goes into detail on how mice provide meals for several predator species and how this makes mice important members of the natural world.

Celebrating Nature's Art

In this archived broadcast from May 23, 2003, John Weeks discusses some of the local nature art exhibits. Weeks talks about the Great Swamp Conservancy and the Sterling Nature Center, among other topics.

Strange Sounds of Nature

In this archived broadcast from May 21, 2004, John Weeks reviews the strange sounds one might hear on a spring evening. Weeks goes into depth on the calls of the pie-billed grebe, the woodcock, the rough grouse and more.

Nature Trails

In this archived broadcast from May 20, 2005, John Weeks discusses local nature trails. Weeks touches on his hand in constructing the trail designs and gives accounts of experiences he's had on these trails.

An Episode with Deer

In this archived broadcast from May 17, 1991, John Weeks recalls an encounter he had with several deer while walking a nature trail.

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