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RadioActive trains the next generation of public media makers. Tune in every month to hear a new collection of stories about the issues that matter to young people in the Northwest.More from KUOW's RadioActive »

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Black youth in Seattle have a message for the police

Seattleites give their perspectives on the recent police brutality issues in the media and weigh in on the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, black youth of Seattle use their platform to speak their mind on these issues that directly concern them.

Meet the new generation of radio journalists!

Summer has started, which means there are now eight new RadioActive journalists at KUOW. Natalie and Brian took up the first podcast for this group and they are here to introduce you to everyone's fun personalities! By the way, do you know what "prolegomena" means? Can you pronounce it?

Welcome KUOW's Summer 2016 RadioActive Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our summer journalism workshop. Eight teens, aged 16-18, will spend six weeks learning what it means to be a journalist. During that time, they'll gain the skills to create radio stories. They'll do all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own feature stories and podcasts on topics of their choice.

I checked the 'Hispanic' box, but I feel like a fraud

On a sunny morning during my junior year of high school I was taking the SAT, when I got to a question that left me stumped. It basically asked, "What race are you?"

I'm alive because of a dictator's ego and my family's clever thinking

When I was growing up, I always had a vague idea of where he had come from. But as I got older and was able to understand more, I realized that my dad's story was absolutely incredible.

I'm alive because of a dictator's ego and my family's clever thinking

My mom was once single and homeless. That's why she does this job

Who are helpers? Often it's people who know how much it means to be helped. Like my mother, Nimo Husien. She runs a daycare from our house for single mothers and immigrant families. Why? Because she was once a single mother and a refugee. It was hard for her, but now she wants to give back.

A pep talk from a recovering 'lazy' teen

Meet Diana Nguyen. She's 17-years-old, she's a proud Asian-American, and she can't go anywhere without her best friend, Gertrude. Gertrude is the name of her bike.

How a terrible teacher inspired a boy who became the wonderful Mr. Little

We all remember the influential teacher who made a difference in our lives. But for Drego Little, the teacher that changed his life was the one he hated most.

How a terrible teacher inspired a boy who became the wonderful Mr. Little

Even if it smells bad, this researcher loves solving mysteries

People sometimes take unlikely paths to get where they're going. This is the story of an unlikely scholar.

This is what a concussion sounds like

A school assembly on the first day at Garfield High School sounds like this: But to Daisy Emminger, a Seattle freshman suffering from a concussion, it sounded like this: "It was just overwhelming," Emminger said. "And painful."

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