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When the financial world shifts, where do we all fit? Marketplace Weekend® brings you powerful conversation on economies both large and personal, at a pace that suits your weekend life. Host Lizzie O'Leary delivers an hour of lively reporting with guests ranging from entertainers and entrepreneurs to government leaders and listeners, too. It's real people dealing with our ever-changing economy. Marketplace Weekend is part of the Marketplace® portfolio of public radio programs broadcasting nationwide, which additionally includes Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report®, and Marketplace Tech®. Listen on-air or online at marketplaceweekend.org, with new episodes every Friday. From American Public Media.More from Marketplace Weekend with Lizzie O'Leary »

Most Recent Episodes

01/13/2017: Business conflicts? Trump has a few

We're going long and short on private prisons and President Barack Obama's legacy as a job creator with Marketplace's Lewis Wallace and The Atlantic's Gillian White. Then, UCLA law professor Jon Michaels talks us through President-elect Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest and Russia expert Matt Rojansky explains the economic and political relationship between the U.S. and Russia. Plus, "A Prairie Home Companion" host Chris Thile takes the Marketplace Quiz.

01/06/2017: If our bodies could talk and clean eating

This week, Marketplace's Andy Uhler and Kimberly Adams go long on Mexican energy deregulation and short on McDonald's. Lizzie talks to Steve Heely, the CEO of the vegan fast casual chain Veggie Grill, about bringing vegan food to the masses. The Atlantic's Dr. James Hamblin talks about his book "If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining the Human Body" and why we should be weary of health claims made by businesses. Plus, musician Mayer Hawthorne takes the Marketplace Quiz.

12/30/2016: Are you long or short on 2017?

To kick off 2017 Marketplace's Kimberly Adams and Bloomberg's Joe Wiesenthal explain what they're long and short on for the upcoming year. Plus, we look back at some of our favorite Marketplace quizzes and re-visit our story on the student debt crisis.

12/23/2016: Holiday food

This week, Marketplace's Sabri Ben-Achour and Raghu Manavalan go long and short on trade and millennials. Los Angeles based chefs Steve Samson and Ray Garcia talk about their favorite holiday foods. The BBC's Nicola Stanbridge reports on the temporary closure of Big Ben, a London landmark and Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson brings us a few stories from the latest Codebreaker episode all about encryption.

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, December 16, 2016

This week, The Atlantic's Gillian White and Marketplace's Andy Uhler play the Long and Short game. Lizzie talks with the founder of Moon Juice about her budding business and online controversies. Entertainment Weekly's Nicole Sperling fills us in on the business of awards season, plus author Andrea Chang takes the Marketplace Quiz.

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, December 9, 2016

This week, Marketplace's Kimberly Adams and Bloomberg's Joe Wiesenthal play the Long and Short game. We also stop by the Public Theater in New York to talk with Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage about her new play "Sweat." Marketplace's Sally Herships explains why one of the most iconic shopping destinations in the U.S. is also tangled up in politics, and Marketplace's Scott Tong discusses the future of environmental and energy policy in a Trump administration. Plus, Marketplace tech host Ben Johnson brings us a story of surveillance from the podcast Codebreaker.

Marketplace Weekend for December 2, 2016

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, a look at President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks and potential future policy. Plus, a discussion of the Dakota Access Pipeline and a report from Scott Tong on fracking. Later, Wired science contributor Zoë Schlanger talks about office microbiomes and why they could be making you sick. The band Local Natives takes the Marketplace Quiz.

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, November 25, 2016

This week, Lindsey Turrentine fron CNET explains how retailers are gearing up for cyber Monday, and Marketplace's Molly Wood gives a few tips on how to optimize your cyber security while traveling and online shopping. Lizzie O'Leary talks with Skadden's Ken Gross about the conflict of interest Trump faces with his numerous businesses. Top Chef finalist Melissa King explains what we can do with all the Thanksgiving leftovers, and Zooey Deschanel takes the Marketplace Quiz.

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, November 11, 2016

This week, we're digesting Donald Trump's upset in Tuesday's presidential election. Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal and The Atlantic's Gillian White go long and short on U.S. politics. Marketplace's Andrea Seabrook, Nancy Marshall-Genzer and Dan Gorenstein discuss Trump's potential policies and their ramifications. Plus, Vox's Sarah Kiff speaks with Lizzie about how the election results could impact women's health care.

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, November 4, 2016

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, an election-themed long and short, a look at how politics influence the foods we eat, and a check-in with mayors around the country about their local economies. Plus, we answer listener's lingering questions about the economy before they vote.

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