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Marketplace from American Public Media is the premier business news show on public radio. Host Kai Ryssdal and the Marketplace team deliver news that matters, from your wallet to Wall Street. Online at Marketplace.org.More from APM: Marketplace »

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Marketplace - 02-12-16 - Saudi Arabia's oil blues

How low oil prices can hurt Saudi Arabia's economy in the long run; what Downton Abbey's latest season has in common with today's health care system; and a look back on business and economics with the Weekly Wrap.

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02-11-16 - Marketplace - Bernie, Hillary and Wall Street

Examining the two presidential candidates and their relationships with Wall Street; what Federal Reserve Chair Yellen told congress about the nation's financial conditions; and what does it take to keep 100,000 tons of pollution out of the air?

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02-10-16 - Marketplace - Supreme Court rules on coal regulations

Discussing the climate change implications of today's Supreme Court ruling; a look at consumer spending and the GPD; and how does Donald Trump pay the bills?

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02-09-16 - Marketplace - What is Janet Yellen thinking — in five words?

Another round of "What is Janet Yellen thinking?" as Chair Yellen heads to congress tomorrow; a look at staff diversity on college campuses; and while oil prices continue to slump, what is OPEC doing?

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02-08-16 - Marketplace - the business of Beyonce

A look at Beyonce's business 'Formation'; how volunteers on the ground are more valuable than campaign ads; and the Wealth & Poverty goes to poorest county in South Carolina.

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02-05-16 - Marketplace - Is this 'full employment' yet?

Breaking down the January jobs report; the last installment of "My Economy" from the border; and how a troubled economy and the Zika virus are impacting Brazil's annual carnival.

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02-04-16 - Marketplace - What does it mean to be progressive?

Clinton and Sanders debate who's more progressive; another installment of "My Economy" from the Juarez border; and how Jägermeister is trying to broaden it's brand beyond college bros.

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02-03-16 - Marketplace - Business at the border

The first installment of our "My Economy" series on the El Paso and Juarez border; how one college is fighting the freshman 15 with Fitbits; and explaining why the market is so volatile.

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02-02-16 - Marketplace - Cruz & corn

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz wins the Iowa caucus despite ethanol opposition; what life is like for residents of Porter Ranch during the massive gas leak; and a look at China's last free-flowing river.

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02-01-16 - Marketplace - Alphabet spells out profit

Breaking down the billions in Alphabet's earnings report; how lead may be the biggest childhood epidemic in the country; and the latest installment of "I've Always Wondered," looking at what happens when your water goes down the drain.

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